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...yes, I know, I'm running out of titles to give these articles. If you're here for downloading things, you probably won't care, so let's jump straight in!

On the character-side, we have Assassin, Banter, Jules, and Tina. A new Rudolf skin by Gad which goes way beyond a simple recolor can be found at the Rudolf Skins.

Furthermore, the background Abandonment, the stage Badly done Y2F v5, and the Great Fighters 2 mod are now available on the LFE-servers.

Last but not least, I added this amazing Louis fanart, courtesy of 3D_Arrow / m4a1556 (props to STM1993 for the find), available at the Fanart-article. Also, take a look at the LFO Manga (thanks for the find, MangaD) if you haven't done so!

All for now but chances are high a couple new things might pop up here and there soon!
A couple new characters are now hosted at LFE: Steiner as well as Harlequin, Jason, Leo, Female Template, and Julio+. Thanks to YinYin for allowing me to rehost his creations here, too!
Rank 1 1 st LutiChris [Image: zmaHcxZ.png] [Image: FUzuWaM.png] [Image: ckqbwXi.gif] [Image: Ho0CKhl.png] [Image: lTHLHFT.gif]
Rank 2 2 nd Arcane [Image: knight_nongrunt_by_janisarcane-d9fv7p7.gif] [Image: EnEr7V1.png] [Image: FKcwg7R.png] [Image: lfe_contest_female_by_janisarcane-d9fzxzb.gif] [Image: e7vhyT8.png]
Rank 3 3 rd Faker [Image: 5T3L5wC.png] [Image: JFARkvg.png] [Image: IZXI0yX.png] [Image: O6jamgU.png] [Image: Jlnft3H.png]
There is currently a spriting contest going on at the forums. You can find further infos in this thread and you are, of course, more than welcome to participate! Entries are accepted till November 29th, so there should be plenty of time. If you plan on joining: good luck and may the best win!
I just addded five characters: Steiner, Clide, Lighto, Marshall, and prince_freeza's Frozen. There are even more to come but for now: enjoy!
Hey all,
I just happened to upload a bit of new stuff to the mainsite. One is some genderswap-fanart of a few LF2-chars by Quiet Purple (check it out here). The other is the character Aiden by Nyamaiku. Be sure to give it a try!
Hey there,
if you wonder where the forums are, they're still there. It's just that I'm currently perfoming a major maintenance-upgrade which could take a while. Stay tuned!


-- Blue Phoenix
If you visited LFE within the past 7 days, chances are that you saw the classic "Forbidden"-error in black letters on a white background. So, what exactly caused that? One of our partner sites that is hosted on the same server got hacked. The host decided to shut down things completely to not have things get out of hands, and so we ran into a few... let's call them "issues".

Anyways! Looks like we're back online! The forums should be up soon as well, so stay tuned! :)

Blue Phoenix
Hey there,

LFE hosts a new tournament. If you want to participate, head over to this page. There, you can see everything related to it. The sign-up lasts till Tuesday, June 17th, so be quick!

Update: the tournament is up and running! You can follow it by regularly checking this post.


it has been brought to our attention that parts of the site got compromised, causing this page to redirect you (in case you visit it with a mobile device such as phone, tablet, or the like) to some weird ads/viruses/trojans/etc.-hosting site that's not affiliated to LFE in any way. We're sorry that it took us so long to take measurements against that.

By the time you're reading this, vulnerabilities have been eliminated and bugs have been squished to ensure a fully functional site. If you, for whatever reason, happen to stumble upon something that shouldn't be there, feel free to drop by the forums to report it ;)

Blue Phoenix

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