Armour Shop:
As you might imagine, this shop sells armour for you to equip. Every piece of armour has certain stats requirements that you must meet in order to wear it. If one of your stats is too low, you will not be able to equip the armour.  Armour has a limited duration, so once it breaks, you’ll need to find material to fix it.

Weapon Shop:
This is the weapon shop. Unlike armour, you can purchase and use weapons without having to meet any requirements. Good weapons are costly, but they have more knock back power and better duration. Note that the last two weapons, the Gold Polearm and Crystal Sword, uses MP for a good attack, approximately 200 MP. Be aware of this when you use these weapons; they can drain your MP quickly if you’re not careful.

Item Shop:
This is where you can purchase potions and materials. You can buy as many potions or drinks as you want to fill your slots. The materials can be used to fix your armour and weapons.
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