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1. Name / Nickname
My real name is Chris whilst my nickname is Blue Phoenix. At the time of creating latter, I was fairly uncreative, so I just picked the first two favorite things that came to my mind.

2. Date of Birth
October, 1990

3. Place of Residence:
By the time I am updating this, I've probably moved already, so I won't even bother with this :p

4. Hair- / Eye-Color:
Hair is a mix between brown and blonde. Cannot really define the right color as it mostly depends on the light as well (the more intense the light source, the more blonde it looks and vice versa; which is why people often ask me if I dye them. I don't :p).
Eyes have a bit blue and yellow in them. The blue part changes to green when I get angry/annoyed. Quite bad for doing a pokerface but oh well...

5. Hobbies:
I mostly spend my time on painting (you can take a look at the images on my deviantArt-page here) but I also enjoy playing the piano in case I get the time and visit my parents (the piano is still there). Additionally, I like to program in various languages (mostly PHP, Java, and MatLab, although I do know a couple more, including, but not limited to, JavaScript+jQuery and Assembler). Of course, playing and modifying LF2 is, after all these years, still fun.

6. Profession Desire:
Good question. So far, i haven't really put a whole lot of thoughts into it. At first, I want to get my college-degree before thinking that much ahead. Something in the Physics-region.

7. Self-Assessment:
I like to finish things as perfect as possible, even though this can greatly mess up one's sleep schedule. On the other hand, paying attention to details has brought great joy into my life by having the fun of correcting my school teachers as well as my profs.

8. Outer characteristics:
Standard height, a little skinny. You wouldn’t recognize me on the street if I walked up right next to you.

9. Characteristics of behaviour:
Generally optimistic as long as things go right. Also, I like being random most of the time (asking me about something either results in a completely unrelated answer or various trivia; or both). Also, I like taking a way which reflects my behavior: absolutely random.

10. Favourite music:
There is nothing that can evade my ears. Or, in other words, I listen to everything. However, I dig anything with orchestral tunes.

11. Favourite film / film genre:
Overall, I haven't watched that many movies... and from what I've seen, I can't make out a clear winning genre.

12. Pets:
Apart from one or the other spider accompanying me from time to time, none.

13. Books:
Literature dealing with dystopian or post-apocalyptic themes (such as R. Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" or D. Glukhovsky's "Metro 2033") gets a big plus from me.

14. Where I would like to spend my vacations:
A place where I don't spend most of my time. Haven't had proper vacations for a few years so I have completely blocked out the thought of going to special places.

15. What makes me happy:
Pretty much anything that could hit me in a positive way. I’m not really choosy.

16. What makes me glad:
A good joke, spending time with friends, receiving splendid grades; things like that. Oh, and not to forget, I really enjoy good food!

17. What makes me really angry:
Idiocy is one thing but violently defending it and being absolutely advice-resistant is another. General unfriendliness is also somewhere at the top of this list.

18. What I don't want to miss:
Family, friends, and happiness.

19. What never can miss on a good party:
I'm really not that much of a party-person. Free food, however is a reason for me to go. Because, let's face it, who doesn't like free things?

20. Favorite car:

21. What / Whom I would take with me to an isolated island:
A survival kit.

22. With what can you make me lucky:
The optimist in myself says: everything.

23. Biggest wish:
The invention of a time machine to travel to the future and bring their technology to the past to accelerate the scientific development (do that recursively and things become really awesome).

24. Statement to LF-EMPIRE:
LFE introduced me to the many possibilities LF2 possesses, and has motivated me to stay in the community to help others and learn from them. By now, LFE has become a little part mine. So to say, I feel a bit like I have some responsibility for this website, too ;)

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