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Since the 24th July 2004 I have my own homepage - but at this time it looked different and had another domain. It wanted to create a site about Little Fighter where you can find everything about the game - but at this time I was far away from my target. In december 2004 I decided to recreate the whole site. The name changed to "Little Fighter - EMPIRE".
At 1st january 2005 I opened LF2-EMPIRE - at least programmatic, because at this time I just finished the design. But since this time, I create updates almost every day, mostly new downloads and tutorials, there's always something new about this. The 1st august I opened LF1-EMPIRE, at 1st december LFO-EMPIRE followed. At the 18th january 2006 I also opened an own forum about Little Fighter and since this time it devoloped to my satisfaction.
But a site large like this is hard to manage alone. For this reason, I'm very happy that I have great webhost on the one hand, on the other hand I'm happy about the guys helping me out whereever they can. First of all Sinow, who take over the responsibiity for Little Fighter - EMPIRE when I'm away, and all other members from the LFE-Team, some of them did great jobs for LFE or are moderators.
So on the whole it looks like my dream of the ultimate LF-Site came true, especially if you believe in statistics. Since LFE is the only real fansite having a link on the official Homepage of Little Fighter (thanks to Marti Wong) I've like 1000 to 1200 visitors a day from more then 100 countries!!! Even in future we guys from the LFE-Team will do everything to keep up the high standard of the site so that you have fun with Little Fighter!

01.04.2007, MH-Razen

Now we did it - the old html version "Little Fighter - EMPIRE v7.0 ~ your resource for Data Changing Question ~" is gone and we created a new version with JoomlaCMS called "Little Fighter - EMPIRE v8.0 Next Generation ~ all you need ~". The old version was deleted on Saturday, 06.10.2007 - 1.05 am GMT+2. But this site isn't done yet. Our next project is to create a fileplanet based on free filehosts and a topsite system. Sure we'll also care about new downloads and tutorials during this time.
But we've also other great plans: A LF2 Starterkit with basic informations for newcomers to LF2, Marshall works together with U1 Technology to create an english homepage of LFO (the english version will be realesed in december or january) and we've another large and secret project - we'll see what we can do about this.
Well, I just attached a few images below so you can see the old layouts of my websites, some are kinda funny...
Long live Little Fighter - EMPIRE!!

06.10.2007, MH-Razen

Ten months passed and quite a lot of stuff changed: the old forum now compleatly crashed - accounts had errors daily and after we hesitated a long we time we dicided to move from Danethical (still thanks to ethix for all the stuff he did for us) to MyBB-Forumsoftware which opened new possibilities to us. Now we could modify the forums so we're prepared for LF2-Tournaments - everybody who wants to take part in the fight for the title "LFE-Champion" is welcome.
After ten months the mainsite finally have a blue theme again. Thanks a lot to BluePhoenix who helped out with the graphics.
It looks like LFE is now the only large Fansite left in the english network, since LFForever merged with Game4Fans a long time ago and this site is also down now. Also the official site and the forum isn't that active, but I hope it'll be revived when Marti releases the new version of LF2 (probably LF2v2.0 Final, a few new tools but no new characters).
That's all from my site, I hope you'll also have fun visiting this site in future...

06.08.2008, MH-Razen

After 3.5 years full of work Little Fighter - EMPIRE is one of the largest LF-Fansites in the world. On sunday 24th august I got the greatest thank I can get for this from Marti Wong: Now we're also the "Official Little Fighter Fansite".

24.08.2008, MH-Razen

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