Installation Problems

Having problems while installing characters, backgrounds, weapons, or other downloads?

Then make sure you followed the installation instructions from Readme.txt correctly !!!

If you did, then you can go here to read a tutorial about error analysis.

Download Information

To open the downloads you need Winzip. You can download a trial version here. Principally, every download from Little Fighter – Empire has a readme file that explains how to install the download. Usually, instillation consists of nothing more than moving images, sounds, and dat-files to the right folders and copying some lines into data.txt.
If there are any faulty downloads or corrupt files, please let me know.

Copyright Information

The copyrights on the downloads are taken very seriously on this site, but sometimes even we cannot determine who the author of a certain project is, no matter how hard we try. Sometimes, LF2-Fans take credit for the work of others, making it even more frustrating to find the true author.
If you have any information concerning the author of a download, please let us know!

© Little Fighter Empire

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