1) LF2 MultiTrainer (for v1.9c)

If you want to play without looking on your lives all the time you need this tool. With Silva's new Trainer for LF2_v1.9c you can give your character unlimited lives. But to make it work you have to choose player 3 in the character selection menu, that's all. Have fun!

2) Function keys

Key Function   Key Function
F1 Pause   F6 Unlimited MP
F2 Pause (Step by Step)   F7 500 HP
F3 Function key Lock   F8 Drop weapons from the sky
F4 Restart   F9 Destroy all weapons
F5 Faster movements   Esc Quit

3) Team commands

Come: D + J + D + J
Stay: D + D + D + D
Move: D + A + D + A

4) Fight stuff

Run: Press "To the right" or "To the left" to times.
Catch: Punch the enemy so he's in "dance of pain" and walk into him.
Throw: If you want to throw a catched enemy move in the direction you want to throw him and press "Attack".

5) Maximise LF2 (for v1.9c)

If you want to play Little Fighter 2 over the whole screen you can download the maximierer-tool or you start LF2. Next press "Crtl" + "Alt" + "Del", select LF2 - Right click - Maximise. Have fun ^_^


6) Ingame Bugs

There're a lot of bugs in LF2 - here you can find a list: » Forum Thread «

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