With this tool you can slow down the gameplay speed. This is usefull to train your online fight skills because usually the speed during an online fight is much slower. There are several different apps available which are listed below.

Rammichael's FPS-changer

To use it start LF2 first, then launch the FPS Changer and set the frame per second you want to have. Then click on "Write" in the FPS Changer and click on "Game Start" in LF2.exe.
If you play now you'll recognize the game is much slower.
Note: The FPS-changer only works if you kept your LF2-application's filename (i.e. "lf2.exe") untouched!

FPS changer for 2.0a by Surik

Start the program as well as lf2.exe. The number will let you change the delay between frames (standard is 33 ms). Lower numbers will make the game run faster (1 ms is equivalent to 1000 fps) and higher numbers will make it run slower like in online fights (100 ms would be 10 fps -- a value that is common for long-distance-matches).

Cheat Engine

This program is actually much more than an fps changer and is mostly used for hex-editing. However, you can also use it for settting the game's speed. For this, you'll have to start LF2 and Cheat Engine (also abbreveated as "CE"). Then, in CE, go to "File > Open Process". In the popup, find the LF2-process. On the right side of CE, you should be now able to select "Enable Speedhack". Check it and adjust the speed to your likings (this is a factor that is multiplied onto your original framerate. For example, a factor of 0.5 will mean that LF2 will run at 15 fps).

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