An essential part of fighting online is being able to communicate with your opponent. Since LF2 does not have a built-in chat program, it is highly recommended that you agree upon an instant messaging service such as IRC, Skype, ICQ, QQ, or something comparable.


Another useful program is Hamachi. It creates a network that players can join and it allows people to play network-games (such as LF2) over the internet.

LF2 Lobby

Chiko has written a program which lets you connect to up to 3 other players simultaneously. You can find the download and more infos about it here.

Once you have your instant messaging system and you are chatting to your opponent, you are ready to connect.

Make sure both of you are using an unmodified version of LF2 (or use the same mod)! Only if you and your opponent use the same sets of characters, weapons, backgrounds, etc. you are able to play!

To get started, open up LF2 and click on Network Game. The number displayed is your IP-address. You will also see two buttons, "Connect to opponent" and "Wait for opponent". Just decide who will connect to whom. If your opponent connects to you, all you have to do is give them your ip address including the dots(.) and click on "Wait for Opponent". If you are the one connecting, ask your opponent what his/her IP-address is. Then, click on "Connect to opponent", type in their IP-address and then click Connect. Make sure that your opponent is waiting for you when you try to connect!


I cannot connect to my opponent!
It just comes back saying "Unable to connect to server"

Usually this is because the person waiting has a firewall up. Here is the response Starsky wrote on the official site:

"In order to play with your friends in the Internet, the server side (the one who click "waiting") need to have a public IP address. Those IP like 192.168.X.X or 10.X.X.X are private IP address, which CANNOT be used as a server.

If you are behind a firewall at home, try to enable the NAT feature of the firewall to allow TCP 12345. The following are some example of firewall:
   1) Wireless router
   2) DSL/Cable router
   3) Software firewall like Microsoft, Norton, and Zone Alarm.

Once you enable NAT and allow TCP 12345 traffic, remember to give your public IP address, but NOT the private one, to your friends."

A much easier way around this is to simply download Hamachi and create a network for you and your opponent to join.

I was able to connect to my opponent,
but then it said "Synchronization Error"

IMPORTANT: You must have The Same Version of LF2 As Your Opponent!!!

When a synchronization error occurs, it means that one of you have something that the other does not have. Check to make sure that both of your data.txt are identical and that you do not have any edited characters/weapons/bgs/stages installed. If you download new characters and versions, it is advised that you keep an original copy of LF2 installed in a separate directory so you can still play the basic LF2 online with anybody.

I am trying to connect with my opponent through Hamachi, but it doesn't work!!

If you are having trouble connecting with your opponent through Hamachi, first make sure they are waiting and you are entering the correct IP-address (the one they have in Hamachi). If you are still having problems, both you and your opponent should restart Hamachi and LF2.

When I'm playing online, sometimes my character gets stuck moving in a certain direction!

This may happen to you if another window pops up while you are holding a direction key down. To fix this, all you have to do is pressing the direction keys your character walks to.

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