LFO Main Screen:
The top button will take you to the server selection screen. The middle button is to configure your controls. The last one is to quit the game.

LFO Server Selection Screen:
There are a several servers to choose from. After you select a server, you can start making your character! Once you made a character in a certain server, it will remain in that server, meaning you cannot use that character on other servers. You can have a maximum of 3 characters on each server.

LFO Control Configuration Screen:
On the left you'll see the control settings for your keyboard and on the right you'll see the controls for a Gamepad. (Note: the Gamepad is quite incomplete so it's not very useful)

Community Mode:
When you begin the game as your character, you will be sent to the community mode, also called a "town." In this mode, you can buy equipment for your character, store items, interact with other players, trade equipments, and much more. But most importantly, you can make or join rooms to play the game. To log out, right-click or press esc and click the 4th option from the top of the menu.

How to Make a Room:
First, right-click or press the esc button. Then select the top-most button. Now there are 5 things there: the room name, story mode, vs mode, mission mode, and cancel (from top to bottom).

*1) Story Mode:
The story mode is where you finish all of stories of the game, moving forward to gain skills in some of the stages for certain characters. It’s quite long and difficult. But don't worry, they have several easy-to-train stages open for you to choose. As you beat stages, you gain honor points, but not very many.

*2) VS Mode:
This is where you can fight other players. If you make a room and no one joins, you will fight com opponents. After a certain amount of time spent there, some com characters pop out to fight you. You will usually see very strong characters such as Julian, Freeze, Firen, Sun, and a Red Ghost. What’s more is their levels are usually over 70! If you manage to beat them, they'll drop some items. When you fight other players, if you win, or did not die during the battle, you will gain honor points. If you were the first to die, you lose honor points.

*3) Mission Mode:
In mission mode, there are some catches; for one, you only have one life for the mission. But fortunately, the missions are short. In some you will be required to protect people and if they die you immediately fail the mission.

Once you enter any of these, you will see two things on the right: *1 is the number of players you will allow to join your room, and *2 is for you to set a password for your room (you cannot set a password in vs mode).

How to Join a Room:
Like making a room, you start by right-clicking or pressing the esc button. Then, select the second option from the top. Now there are a several new buttons.
*1, you see 4 blue buttons. They let you select what kind of rooms you want to join. From left to right: Everything, Story, VS, and Mission.
*2 you can see the number of players in that room and also whether the room is locked or not.
*3 when you click on it, it lights up. This is the buddy list option. When you add a person to your LFO buddy list, you can use this option to see their room and join them.
*4 lets you refresh the page to see if there are any new rooms, etc.
*5 is for you to enter the password for the room you’re joining.
The left button in the bottom middle is "OK" to join in the room, while the right button would be "Cancel", to quit joining rooms.


*5) Rang System:
To view the rankings on the current server, right-click or press esc and click on the 3rd button from the top (the button with green letters). You’ll see the top 10 level rankings, and then your own ranking at the bottom. But wait, there’s more; at the top right of the ranking window, you will see 2 buttons. The one you are currently viewing and the next one: the "Honor" rankings.

*6) Exit LFO

*7) Cancel

*Honor Points:
This is basically like your popularity, but it isn’t based on people liking you; it is based on your skill. In VS Mode, as you fight other people and win, you gain points. You also gain points in story mode. If you gain enough amount of honor, you'll get a medal. It is shown at the top of your character.

*Game Buttons
Chara, skills, buddy list, smiley, item, etc.: In the current window, in the bottom-right corner, you will see many buttons.

*First up is chara button. When you lvl up you character, this button starts flashing. When you open the character window, you will see your character’s current stats. Every time you level up, you receive 10 points which can be used to increase HP, MP, SP, STR, DEF, or AGI.

*In the skill window, you will see boxes showing your character’s skills . When you get to a high level, you will see this button flashing, indicating that you can activate a certain skill. You gain 10 points each time you lvl up.

*The friend button is your buddy list. It will flash when you receive messages from your registered buddies. There is no limit to the number of buddies you can have on your list. When you click on the person’s name, it will bring up two options, the top one opens a message window while the bottom one deletes the person from your buddy list.

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