Custom Character Installation
A tutorial on how to correctly install lf2 characters.

Version Installation
A tutorial how to correctly install LF2-Versions.

How Do I Install New LF2-Downloads Correctly?
There are innumerable new characters, backgrounds, and weapons for Little Fighter 2. How to install them and what you have to care about is explained in this tutorial.

How to Correct Errors in LF2-Downloads?
It's so sad that a lot of downloads are incomplete. Sometimes files or data-lines are not included or there are programming mistakes. Most of the time, it's easy to correct these bugs. If you want to know how to do fix these problems, you should read this text. I can guarantee that the downloads from LF-EMPIRE work perfectly. All  of the downloads on this site include installation instructions in the readme!

How to Change a Replacement into an Add-on
A lot of good characters are only available as replacements. Many people ask if it is possible to change these characters into add-ons - here you can read about exactly what you have to do.

Basics of Data Changing
If you just want to edit a character or add new moves instead of creating a completely new character, you don't need an allround knowledge of data changing - here I explain some techniques to modify a character in a fast and easy way.

The Way to Your Own Character
We're often asked about how to make custom characters - well, here's a rough guide on how to make one. But it's not a recipe that anyone can follow without any effort!!!
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