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Fresh in, the results of Contest #21: Writing Challenge


Contest 21, rank 11st
Reaper & Blue Phoenix


Contest 21, rank 33rd


PDF-Download of all entries


Keep an eye open for any upcoming contests. They might come sooner than you think

As you can see, the mainsite has undergone some significant changes. Most data should have been migrated, translations are to follow soon. I need a coffee :p

Contest #20: TOURNAMENT (Feb-May, 2013)

1st Lord Silva
2nd Everisto
3rd Azriel

Furthermore, I'd like to announce a new contest that's currently taking place. If you are interested in writing, you're welcome to join Contest #21: Writing Challenge (registration at the forums required) before July 1st.


during the upcoming weekend, I'm going to perform a maintenance-update of this site. This means that, during this time, the website will be inaccessible. However, the forums will remain to be up, though ;)

Blue Phoenix

Contest #19: SPRITING CHALLENGE (May/Jun, 2012)

1st Apocalipsis [Image: 19-1-Apocalipsis.png]
2nd YinYin [Image: 19-2-YinYin.gif]
3rd LutiChris [Image: 19-3-LutiChris.png]
Contest #18: WRITING CHALLENGE (Mar/Apr, 2012)
1stBlue PhoenixRead now!
1stAzrielRead now!
3rdReaperRead now!

If you're interested in participating in an LFE-contest as well, we currently have a sprite-contest running here till June 2nd.
Contest #17: Cosplay (Jan/Feb, 2012)
Rank 1 1stBamboori
Rank 2 2ndLutiChris
Rank 3 3rdempirefantasy
Contest #16: Background Challenge (Oct/Nov, 2011)
Rank 1 1stBlue Phoenix

Rank 2 2ndMH-Razen, Apocalipsis

Rank 3 3rdMarshall


Contest #15: Collaborative Fighting Challenge (Aug/Sep, 2011)
Rank 1 1stRamond, The Lost Global Mod[Image: lfr.gif] Download!
Rank 2 2ndDr.Death, Kevin[Image: lfr.gif] Download!
Rank 3 3rdAzriel, Blue Phoenix[Image: lfr.gif] Download!
If you have problems downloading, choose: Right-click > Save Target As.

Also, we are having a background-creation contest right now, feel free to join in >here<
If you got a good character and want to publish it on the LFE-Download-Section there`s a quicker way then wait forever now: In this thread you find all details needed, but keep in mind that we don`t submit everything blind but still check everything on it`s quality.

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