A tutorial on how to use OllyDbg. Here, we make the "Com"-String longer.

In this tutorial I will show you how to use OllyDbg (download it from programs) to make any string (word) longer, for an example I'll make rename the computer players from Com to Computer.

First we write the string we want, in this case Computer, I wrote the word at offset 00042474 (The zero's arent important but I like writing them :p ). Now we save the file and exit hex workshop. Now we open OllyDbg and make it open lf2.exe (File>Open), you'll see alot of commands now, right click at the bottem part and press Search>Binary string and in the window type "Com". Now press ctrl+r to find all the refernces a new window will pop up double click the first one it will select a line in the main window. Double click this line in the colum which says "MOV ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[4469A4]" now you can edit this part, we have to change [4469A4] to our offset, which is 42474 and also add another 4 so it will be 442474 (I don't know why but it works).

So final result will be "MOV ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[442474]". And now you're done, this was a bad example because the max length of it will be 4 even if you make more room for it... Once you're done right click in the top part of ollydbg and do Copy to excutable > All modifications a window might pop up asking some random stuff press copy all. Now another window will pop up right click it and press save file.

Written by Silva a.k.a Data1master
© Little Fighter Empire

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