Type 5 - Bmp-Part

<bmp_begin> Begin Bmp-Part (See Type 0)
file(#-#): Number of Image (See Type 0)
sprite\sys\... Location of Image (See Type 0)
w: ...
h: ...
Size of Images (See Type 0)
row: ...
col: ...
Arrangement of Images (See Type 0)
<bmp_end> End Bmp-Part (See Type 0)

Type 5 - Frame Header


<frame> Start of the frame (See Type 0)
pic: ...
Number of the Image (See Type 0)
state: ... State of the Frame (See Type 0)
wait: ... Duration (See Type 0)
next: ... Next Frame (See Type 0)

dvx: ...
dvy: ... 

Move Object (See Type 0)
centerx: ...
centery: ...
Centerpoint (See Type 0)
hit_a: ...
hit_d: ...
hit_j: ...
Without function here!
[...]  Here you can insert Frame Elements.
<frame_end> End of Frame. (See Type 0)



  • id: 300 (criminal.dat)
    » No basic Frames, criminals are activated with "act" in stage.dat.

  • id: 998 (etc.dat)
    » Frame 0 is activated while pressing D + J + D + J.
    » Frame 2 is activated while pressing D + D + D + D.
    » Frame 4 is activated while pressing D + A + D + A.
    » Frame 6 is activated while "join" was used in stage.dat.

  • id: 999 (broken_weapon.dat)
    » Lots of Source Code dependence, if weapons with a certain id break the corresponding frames here are activated, "broken_weapon" and "ice" are also noted here.


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