Type 3 - Bmp-Part

<bmp_begin> Begin Bmp-Part (See Type 0)
file(#-#): Number of Image (See Type 0)
sprite\sys\... Location of Image (See Type 0)
w: ...
h: ...
Size of Images (See Type 0)
row: ...
col: ...
Arrangement of Images (See Type 0)
weapon_hit_sound: ... ---
weapon_drop_sound: ... ---
weapon_broken_sound: ... If the weapon is destroyed this sound is played.
<bmp_end> End Bmp-Part (See Type 0)

Type 3 - Frame Header

<frame> Start of the frame (See Type 0)
pic: ...
Number of the Image (See Type 0)
state: ... State of the Frame (See Type 0)
wait: ... Duration (See Type 0)
next: ... Next Frame (See Type 0)
dvx: ...
dvy: ...
dvz: ...
Like at the characters these tags can move the attack - but they don't get slower because of the gravity effect here. If you have a "dvx: 5" the ball moves with 5 Pixel per TU. It's the same with dvy - negative numbers bring the ball to the sky. dvz don't have a function in Type 3 and you can leave it out, the Z-Axis movement is done with "hit_j:".
centerx: ...
centery: ...
In attacks, "Center" just notes a point in the middle of the ball - the shadow is shown under this point. The attack don't react on gravity, so it can also go under the ground - only the x-coordinate is relevant here.
hit_a: ...
hit_d: ...

These two tags have a timer-function in Type 3. Normally, the "flying"-frames are connected with next and are repeated for an endless time. If you want, you can let the ball disappear after a while or let him go to another frame with this timer.
In hit_a you set the duration - if it's a higher number the duration is longer. You can see a list of the numbers for hit_a and the corresponding duration in TU's. If the timer is down, the frame noted in hit_d is activated.

Wait-Value and Duration 


0 = Unlimited
1 = 400 TU
2 = 255 TU
3 = 180 TU
4 = 135 TU
5 = 100 TU
6 = 95 TU
7 = 75 TU
8 = 65 TU
9 = 55 TU
10 = 52 TU
20 = 24 TU
30 = 16 TU
40 = 12 TU
50 = 9 TU

1TU = 1Timeunit
= 1/30 Second
hit_j: ...
Here you note if the ball should move on z-axis. If you set this value to 50, it's the same as 0 - no movement. If you use 51 and higher the ball goes to the front with one pixel per TU (if you use 52 he moves 2 Pixels), if you use 49 it goes to the back.
hit_Fa: ...
There're two kinds of hit_Fa's: Some which activate objects and some which creates special chase-movements (Important! dvx/y/z must be zero!). Here you can find a list of all Hit_Fa's.
sound: ...
For beginners it may be easier to note all sounds in the bmp-part of the dat.-files. But for advanced DCers it's useful to delete this list sometimes and put the sounds directly in the frames.
Why? Well, if you create moves like Heal500 you hit yourself with state:18. It would be better if it hit without sound, but a new dat.-file would be a waste (because of the limit). If you put the frame in another dat.-file the sound from the list in bmp_part comes.
But if you delete this you can have a silent hit while using effect: 5.
[...]  Here you can insert Frame Elements.
<frame_end> End of Frame. (See Type 0)


Only if you save the code of a ball here you have to use this form - if not you can vary it. Not all frames are needed every time. For example "tail" and "hiting_ground" are just needed if you use hit_Fa: 7.

<frame> 0 flying
Normally the Flying-Frames are noted here. Especially if you activate balls with a hit_Fa you have to start at Frame 0.

<frame> 10 hiting
If the ball hit a character of a heavy weapon these frames are shown.

<frame> 20 hit
If the ball hits a light weapon or another attack these frames are shown.

<frame> 30 rebound
Attacks with state: 3000 are reflected on John's shield - these frames are shown then.

<frame> 40 tail
If you use hit_Fa: 7 (Firzen Fire/Ice-Chase) there's a tail behind the attack - here the "wait"-function is different. I'll explain it with an example: A tail-element with a "wait: 3" is shown three times one after the other. All other functions are the same.

<frame> 50 flying 2
While using hit_Fa: 14 (Julian Ball) these frames are used as flying-frames in curves.

<frame> 60 hiting_ground
These frames are only used if you have a hit_Fa: 7 in the flying-frames. It's played if the attack hit the ground.

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