Name Sound
m_cancel.wav Menu Sound - Abort
m_end.wav End 1-1 / 2-2 / VS - Battle
m_join.wav Menu Sound - Select
m_ok.wav Menu Sound - Enter
m_pass.wav Stage-End
Name Sound
001.wav Punch
002.wav Block Punch
003.wav Run Tick
004.wav Run Tok
005.wav Whirlwind Casting Voom
006.wav Super Hit Bish
007.wav Woob Swing Sound
008.wav Wow Swing Sound
009.wav Pick up/stop running
010.wav Boulder hit
011.wav Bat hit
012.wav Run Ted
013.wav Free Hostage
014.wav Grab Attack
015.wav Grab
016.wav Drop
017.wav Jump
018.wav John Energy Ball Charge
019.wav Shoot John Energy Ball
020.wav Explode, energy ball hit and palm
021.wav Boulder Break
022.wav Pull Arrow
023.wav Ice Sword hit
024.wav Arrow Shot
025.wav Arrow ground hit
026.wav Shurinken ting
027.wav Weapon ting
028.wav Rudolf Blades Shing
029.wav Rudolf Keep Blades
030.wav Rudolf Shadow/Mirror Image
031.wav Louis Thunderpunch/Julian Soulpunch
032.wav Bloody Attack
033.wav Bloody Heavy Attack
034.wav Weapon ting
035.wav Crate hit
036.wav Crate break
037.wav Crate hit
038.wav Baseball
039.wav Baseball hit by bat
040.wav Potion break
041.wav Poion hit
042.wav Drink
043.wav Deep Energy Blast
044.wav Jack Flipkick hor!
045.wav Deep Dashing Strafe HAR
046.wav Dennis Energy Ball
047.wav Woody Energy Blast
048.wav Davis Energy Ball
049.wav Jan Angels/Heal
050.wav Casting Heal
051.wav Energy Shield Sound
Name Sound
052.wav Casting Energy Shield
053.wav Energy Shield Gone
054.wav Knight Swing Attack 1
055.wav Woody Tiger Dash
056.wav Henry Flute 1
057.wav Henry Flute 2
058.wav Henry Flute 3 (long)
059.wav Critical Arrow
060.wav Multi-Arrow
061.wav Rudolf Invisible
062.wav Rudolf Clone
063.wav Rudolf Transform
064.wav Ice Ball
065.wav Iced
066.wav No longer Iced
067.wav Fire ball
068.wav Burnt
069.wav Punch miss
070.wav Inferno
071.wav Inferno
072.wav Icicle
073.wav Whirlwind
074.wav Summon Ice Sword
075.wav Summon Energy Disk
076.wav Energy Disk Fly
077.wav Dennis Chasing Ball
078.wav Teleport
079.wav Scyte Ting
080.wav Command COME
081.wav Command STAY
082.wav Command MOVE
083.wav Armor small hit
084.wav Armor just hit
085.wav Armor class
086.wav Bat Lazer
087.wav Bat's bats
088.wav Bat's bats hit
089.wav Julian Big Bang and Soul Bomb Explode
090.wav Julian Skull Blast Hit
091.wav Summon Skull Blast Projectile
092.wav Firzen Cannon shooting
093.wav Stage Command I JOIN YOU
094.wav Bat break
095.wav Davis Uppercut YAH!!!
096.wav Henry Dragon Palm HUNK!!!
097.wav Louis Palm HEI!!!
098.wav Monk Palm HULK!
099.wav Woody Tiger Dash HOI!!!
100.wav Firzen charge firzen cannon HAI!!!
101.wav Henry Flute 4
102.wav Henry Flute 5 (long)
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