1st step u need to do is figure out if ur a beginner, rookie, improving,
veteran, or expert char creator...

2nd step is to draw! Draw draw draw until ur finished. if ur a beginner, don't
expect too much of urself, cause that my friend, will lead u to no-whereville!
Sprites may take a lot of ur time and may take even months to finish, but no
one said it was easy. if ur havin second thoughts, then maybe u should just
quit now-Be like the loser u really are. if u didn't quit, good luck! some
drawing techniques are:

1) give it an emotion (EX: Deep looks angry, Jan looks happy, Henry looks
serious...). The emotion comes mainly from the eyes.
2) Shading. shade in the right side of your char by choosing a lighter color on
the color pallette. this makes it look like the angle of the sun is hitting
your char on the right side.
3) De-shade. make the color darker on the left side by chooseing a darker color
on the color pallette. this makes ur char look like something is kinda
blocking the sunlight where it should hit.
4) No-wimpy looking/ no fat-clumsy looking. don't make ur char look like he
is a weak dweeb or a fat stoner. make him just right size, like the perfect
example is Davis.
5) Good clothes. give ur char unique clothes if ur a improvin/veteran/expert
drawer. we like new skins!
6) good color fit. choose the best color clothes for your char. good matching
colors are: blue shirt, black pants/white shirt, any color/ pink shirt,
blue pants...
7) Buffness. muscles are good. make outlines on the arm by choosing a darker
color of the original color and make lines down the arm or leg.
8) Outlines- the important stuff! these are used to make lines to know what
seperates from what.
9) multi-color hair... good drawers make char's hair not just one color, but
several. they choose lighter/darker color of original hair color and put
it in. to do this, u make diagonal dots down some spots on the hair. If one
spot has about 5 squares of the same color, 2 of them needs to be changed.

3rd step is to Datachange. This is gonna take way too long, and i just don't
have that much time, but u can look at some datachanging explanations on my
web under the subject classes... copy it down and use it for reference.

1) u need a datachanger (downloadable from download section)
2) Change name where it says "name"
3) change the moves by either copyin some other char's move and addin it above
the "dummy" state. then, write the keys needed to press to activate the move
beside the first frames called "standing" (EX: hit_Ua:, hit_Da:, hit_Fa:,
hit_Dj "Ua" stands for up+attack, "Dj" stands for down+jump...
4) oid stands for original id. it will lead to the id of the attack ur doing.
so if it says oid: 778, then it will let out the attack of id 778 on the
"data" file.

4th step is to change all the file names

1) face bmp is changed to whatever you named the file in the data, so does
this work for everything else. name_0, name_1, name_s, etc.
2) change ur char's data name (i would name the data file ur char's name.)

5th step is to add the char's data in.

1) open up "data" file
2) add your char's data according to the right type. the char's data file
will be in a different location of its attack.
3) type in its data name- look how they did it/ type: 0. The id is anything
you want
4) type in its attack data name- type: 3. The id is what its oid is. u
gave it the oid in your char's data, remember?
5) or if your doin a weapon, add in the weapon's name and type: ?
7) it will say where to put it like, "file: data\?.dat. So u put in the
location where u will put the data...

6th step is to add in the sprites and data.

1) put the sprites in where it was said to be in, in the char's data files.
2) put the data in where it was said to be in, in the "data" file.
3) if there is any sound u made, put it in data folder

7th is testing. if there is anything wrong, check ur char's datas, the "data",
the sprites, anything! cause u screwed up somewhere...

voilla! i know this isn't that clear, but i did my best. hope it helps u...
© Little Fighter Empire

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