If a character drinks out of this bottle, he transforms into another character or starts a certain attack.
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To create such an effect, you need to be good at Data Changing, so I'll just explain the system here. The rest should be clear if you look at the study example.

First you modify the dat.-file of the drink. You have to create two new on_hand Frames - one for the tall characters (100px) and one for the normal characters (80px). In these frames (weapon12.dat, frame 100 + 101), you activate hidden characters. They'll catch the drinking characters later and bring them to the drink-move.
These two hidden characters are only different in their centery, the rest is the same. Use itr/kind: 3 and cpoint in the following frame together with a next: 1000 so the drink move can be used without any problems (Justin, Frame 390 / 392).

Next you have to edit the drinking frames of all characters - first, move them from frame 55 - 58 to 56 - 59.  Also make sure that the next goes back to frame 56 and the loop works fluently. Now you can recode frame 55. In this frame, activate the new on_hand frames with "weaponact" for one TU (use the weapon act that's appropriate for the character's height). In this time, the weapon activate the hidden character...
You also have to paste a new bdy in all other drink frames, which reacts to the itr/kind: 3 (in the example - y: 5000).

Finally, you can code the frames of the drink move (frame 350 in all characters). Only the first frame is important here: use wait: 0 and state: 3 so you don't get stuck. The following frames can be created however you want them to be like...

Here's a study example:

Transform Drink

Inspired by MH-Razen

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