You want to code an attack like Jan's Angel, Firzen's Overwhelming Disaster, or Bat's bats without replacing these original moves? With this method you can do exactly that!
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Principally, the technique I describe here should work with the following hit_Fa's:

hit_Fa: 5
Effect: Activate Jan's Healing Angels in a ratio 1:1 for teammembers.

hit_Fa: 6
Effect: Activate Jan's "Flying Devils" in a ratio 1:1 for enemys.

hit_Fa: 8
Effect: Activate three bats up to four players. While playing against more enemies, it activate one more bat per two enemies.

hit_Fa: 9
Effect: Activate four Ice-/Fire-balls if you play against four or less player. While playing against more enemies, it activate the balls in a ratio 1:1 for enemies.

First we modify the character. In the frames of this special move you have to set an opoint which activate a ball-frame (type3). The second important thing in the character is, that there's a bdy at y: 1000 in all frames after the opoint and that this bdy is there for at least wait: 5. If your ratio-attack doesn't transform in the new attack, it's because the ball's itr/kind: 8 isn't hitting a bdy...

Now to the changes in the attack. In the frame activated by the character you note hit_Fa: 3 and in the following frame you note the hit_Fa with the ratio-effect you want to have. Hit_Fa usually activate frame 0 of the ball, so we'll need to edit this frame. To avoid changing anything about the way the original ball acts in the game, change frame 0 to frame 1, frame 1 to frame 2 and continue for all of the flying frames. Also change the next and the hit_d in the timer if necessary. If there's a next: 999 somewhere in the file, change it to next: 1.

Now you have room for a new frame 0. And this frame should look like this:
<frame> 0 ratio choose
pic: 1000 state: 3005 wait: 1 next: 1
itr: #change to ratio
kind: 8 x: -10 y: 1000 w: 20 h: 1000 zwidth: 500
injury: 0 dvx: 5
I set an itr/kind 8 at y: 1000 there so if the character that has the bdy at this place is there (and he is doing the attack), the ball will move to frame 5 (noted in dvx here). If not, nothing happens: frame 1 comes with the normal ball. Now to frame 5:
<frame> 5 ratio john trans
pic: 1000 state: 8230 wait: 0 next: 999
The only thing which is important here is the transform state: you transform into your new attack (so make sure you CAN transform into it, you have to change the pic stuff in the header). You may be wondering "where's the ratio thing now?" Well, frame 0 is already activated in a ratio and every single ball is changed with the itr/kind 8.

Why do I use transform? Well, you don't have to, but if you transform into the attack, the moving will be the same (like at Jan's Devils, the attack moves to the sky first and then falls to the floor). If you activate the attack with an opoint nothing like this will happen... - it's up to you what you want.

Here's a study example:

Ratio Attack

Inspired by MH-Razen

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