Here you can learn how to create "flying down" attack like Firzen's Overwhelming Disaster.
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Like all other chase-attacks, this one works with a moving hit_Fa. In this list, I mention that hit_Fa: 7 has to work together with hit_Fa: 3.  If that's not enough for you, here's a study example.
First you have to code a start frame (usually, frame 50 is used for this, but you can use any other frame which aren't used for anything). In this frame you lead to frame 0, the "flying"-frames. But the most important thing is that you put a hit_Fa: 3 in this frame, if not, the game will crash when you use this move.
The rest is easy. hit_Fa: 7 in the "flying"-frames also activate frame 40 (tail) and frame 60 (hitting ground), so you have to code these frames as well.
The good thing about this method is that you can activate the start-frame with opoint, but I've never heard of anyone creating a ratio-technique (more attacks if there are more enemies).

Here's an example of this effect:

Upper Chase

Inspired by DarkLordXIII

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