Another method how to transform into a ball...
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Since someone found out that you can also tranform into balls aswell as long as they have a name, a face and a small pic (which is quite obvious when you think about it), no one released a char that uses that technique... until NOW! :D
It's actually quite simple: you transform into the ball, the ball transforms back after a while when it hits nothing. - WARNING: don't use the hit_a:-tags for that! if you did this the char will run out of hp! - when it hits, the hitting frames are activated (in this case the super punch). in the last hitting frame there is a transforming state again that transforms you back to the char.
Caution! In a 1 vs 1 fight, if you transform into a ball and stay that way for a couple TUs, the summary screen will pop up!

Here's the Study Example...

Transform into Ball

by Bamboori

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