Transforming into a Chase-Ball is very easy, you just need to know the trick...
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The idea is very simple: The move start, you activate a normal (in this case indestructibility) chase ball - I copied John's Chase Disk and edited it, deleted out the bdys, deleted the timer, added an opoint in every flying-frame which activate a type-0 frame:

<frame> 350 chase-place
   pic: 1000  state: 3005  wait: 2  next: 1000
      kind: 0  x: 0  y: 1000  w: 80  h: 500
This bdy correspond with the itr/kind 8 noted in stuck frame where the character ends after he activated the disk:
      kind: 8  x: -500  y: 1000  w: 1000  h: 500  zwidth: 500  dvx: 303  injury: 0  
now the character goes to a frame and moves with the chase disk - compleatly hidden of course.
<frame> 303 transform
   pic: 1000  state: 3005  wait: 1  next: 303  centerx: 39  centery: 79  hit_d: 304  mp: -10
      kind: 8  x: -500  y: 1000  w: 1000  h: 500  zwidth: 500  dvx: 303  injury: 0  
as long as the character has energy, the disk can fly, if the energy is down to zero, the character transform back into the character automatically, but he can also stop this earlier while hitting the Defense-Button.

Last thing you have to do is make the disk disappear - just add a new bdy (y: 2000 in the example) to the frame where the character ends after he transformed back. This bdy corresponds with another itr/kind 8 noted in the flying frames of the disk - and the dvx in there leads the chase ball to a frame where it delete itsself - that's all.

Caution! In a 1 vs 1 fight, if you transform into a ball and stay that way for a couple TUs, the summary screen will pop up!

The Study Example is very rough, I didnt make any graphic adaptations...

Transform into Chase Ball

Inspired by MH-Razen

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