With this system you can activate Objects in Stage at certain x-values.
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Actually weapons disappear directly after they left the visible background-area (they’ll not disappear if you throw them to the right site in a area which is hidden by boundary tag…).
So all I did is activate a criminal which activate a weapon in a special frame. This weapon flyed to the left site of the screen with dvx: -1 and activated a ball (type3) every single frame – these ball-frames (three on the whole) had itr/kind 9 and bdys with different y-values, so they don’t collide the wrong time. If the first activated ball hit the shield-itr from the second he go to frame 40 – let him disappear there. If a ball don’t disappear / is not “reflected” by a new ball, he’ll go to a new frame with next – actually if this frame is activated the ball is at x: 0 in stage mode – then you can do whatever you want…

Helpers in Stage Mode don’t react on this system since no type 0 is used. The whole system needs a few secs, if you don’t need it so detailed (mean x: 1 to 10 is also ok, then change the dvx speed to -10 or whatever you want…

Here’s a study example:

Zero Placer

Inspired by MH-Razen

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