Mines in Stage Mode which affect both sides!
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The problem here is that we want the mines to be neutral, but because they're created by stage.dat they belong to  the enemy's side. However, if you use state: 18, the enemies will go into defense automatically when they stand around the mines. So we need another method.
One way is to use itr/kind: 8. In a criminal (so you don't have to activate all the mines before you can enter next phase), you create a plain area for this itr, not too high because then the mines will detonate when you jump over them. It's up to you to decide whether or not you hide them with state: 3005.
If a figure walks over the mine now, the frame noted in dvx is activated. In the following frame , you opoint Firen's Explosion. But state: 18 doesn't hit yourself in combination with effect: 22. Because of this, you also have to modify Firen's Explosion. You can just change the effect to 2 or you can half the area, set effect: 2, and contrary values for dvx. Then the figures are still thrown into different directions.

Here's a study example:

Inspired by MH-Razen

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