Other than milk and beer, you can have other weapons fall from the sky as well!
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You can also let fall other weapons from sky - may be a bunch of stones as a rockfall or a special weapon which helps against the enemy. All you have to do is note the ID-Number and the x-value where it should appear. You can also use tags like "ratio" so more weapons fall from sky!

id: 122  x: 1100  #milk
id: 123  x: 1100  #beer
id: 100  x: 1200  ratio: 5.0   #stick  from sky
id: 101  x: 1200  ratio: 5.0   #hoes   from sky
id: 120  x:  500  ratio: 20.0  #Knifes from sky
id: 150  x:  850  ratio: 10.0  #Stones from sky
id: 213  x: 1200  ratio: 5.0   #swords from sky
id: 217  x:  300               #Louis Armour

Here's a study example:

Inspired by Kate

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