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STM's Random DC tidbits (or other LF2 stuff)
Making this thread so I can gather together a bunch of stuff I found out that aren't directly available on main site as I find them out in the process of figuring things out.

Expect them to be updated very sporadically whenever I feel like it.
Special thanks to @Silverthorn, @Ramond & @zort for helping with this guide!
Recently found out some new things thanks to 叶小六, Leaf, Crosster and Nyamaiku!

Guides I've found: - no idea who wrote this pretty good chinese DC guide @empirefantasy linked. There are a few inaccuracies, but otherwise appears to be a good guide. - excellent database containing info about LF2's inner workings.
BluePhoenix said that an LF2 frame name should not exceed 20 characters, else there'd be bugs.
LASER has a thread that also tries to explain bugs and other inner workings of LF2, albeit in chinese.

Last updated: 13/5/2017

Basic Mechanics
Weapons will randomly drop from sky when there are less 4 projectiles or weapons including those held in the hand) in the game.
1. Useful HP & MP Numbers (Click to View)
2. Other HP Properties (Click to View)
3. Hitlag (Click to View)
4. Defend(state 7) and Armor (Click to View)
5. Fall & Injury (Click to View)
6. Inputs - Buffers, Errors & how it works (Click to View)
7. "Criminal" Type 5 Objects (Click to View)

Tag Properties
Stage should be mostly up to date, but do refer to this Ratio table instead for accuracy.
For stage, x: -1000 is a magic number that makes the enemy have a 50% chance of spawning left or right.
1. Special numbers for dvx/dvy/dvz (Click to View)
2. Z-axis on cpoint, wpoint & opoint (Click to View)
3. hit_Fa homing targets (Click to View)
4. States (5,14,18,19,301) (Click to View)
5. wpoint properties (Click to View)
6. wpoint itr kind 5 + WpnStrength effect 4 special property (Click to View)
7. cpoint "decrease" tag (Click to View)

Detailed ID Properties
Barring a few bits of missing information, the mainsite is pretty accurate.
IDs that can be blocked regardless of direction: 124(boomerang), 220(jan_chase), firzen_chasef/i(221, 222)
1. Iceball Conversion (Click to View)
2. Facts on Firen/Freeze's Fusion into Firzen (Click to View)
3. Clones - opointing a type 0 (and some AI facts & id 40-49) (Click to View)

Useful Techniques
Gad's proximity checker using ik8 & a teleporting ball with an ik0 bdy
Self-Catch "Counter skill"
hit_back using hit_d & -mp tag
Cursed itr (a very big number) (-2147483648)
Pushing - throwing immediately with cpoint
Sweet Spot - the 1st itr in a frame takes priority
Nyamaiku's Arest "Random" - use 2 arest itrs to get a random 50-50 chance

Other Stuff
data.txt for LF2 v2.0a
Itr Kind page
ik0 Effects page
Sounds list
John's shield, regardless of location, prevents ALL enemy AI from picking up weapons.
Milks & beers spawned in Battle Mode are independent.
When weapons are dropped by a char(due to injured falling for example) or wpoint kind 3, they randomly appear in any of the frames 0 to 5 only.
1. Ramond's hypothesis about why opointing doesn't work in 1st frame (Click to View)
2. Henry's flute diagram & itr kind 11 (Click to View)
Finally! LFE actually needed something like this since I feel there are still many secrets deep in the realm of DCing that are just waiting to be revealed.

I'm considering stickying this once we get a handful of interesting stuff.
Quote of the Day f***ing Year (Click to View)
The meme is real (Click to View)
Thanks given by: STM1993
I've also thought about spawning an object #objA over character and a second #objB that teleports to closest foe or ally. Then itr and by with y=-999999 checks if they are close enough either on axis z or x. If objA is destroyed by objB it spawns smthn that continues an attack. That itr could also check if enemy is in specified distance.

Not that random but one more condition to go.

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

Thanks given by: A-Man
Bump because I've added a number of lesser-known things since the first time thread was posted.

You might find the bit on homing property & clones having mp150 particularly interesting, and for those who can read chinese (or don't mind using google translate) there's a link to a chinese DC page @empirefantasy linked to.

Credits to zort for pointing out how many glugs it takes to drink a milk, and BluePhoenix for helping to confirm the HP heal values - natural, state1700, itr kind 8, Jan heal, milk & beer!
Thanks given by:
Thanks man! this will help me alot on my MOD.but i hope an english lang pattern.
Thanks given by:
I have to mention that firzen have a higher Dark-Red HP difference when he is fused. I think that becaouse of sum of firen and freeze HP colors.
Thanks given by: STM1993
* Added some extra links for easier reference to mainsite material.
* Some reformatting so that post is easier to reference.
* Added stage HP recover amount formula.
* Added some extra info on hitlag.
* Heavily updated armor/defend/fall with much more detailed & accurate information, including facing direction. Espcially fall & injury.
* Rewrote the dvx/dvy/dvz section.
* Lumped together the state discoveries.
* Fixed a misleading info on Rudolf clones' MP recovering between stages.
* Added a section for wpoint special properties.
* Clarified what itr kind 11 actually does in the Henry flute diagram.
That's all I can remember off the top of my head.

Some of the mainsite articles have been updated, so I figure they can be worth linking, or at least for people who want to reference things.

I haven't fully explored hit_Fa properties, but it seems like when I summoned Bat's bats with his special hit_Fa and removed any homing in frame 0, the bats will still go after random targets when they return to a frame that has homing. Something I might investigate in time I guess.

I also found out that apparently, if you held back rather than pressed D during -mp tag, the game seems to treat the frame you go to as if you were using "next" rather than a 1st frame of an input, so when I modified Firen's D>J to opoint an explosion in the stop_run frame, if I pressed D to cancel it won't work, but if I held back I'd explode. This seems to tie in with Ramond's hypothesis about how frames go into next or something.

30th December 2016:
I compiled a Ratio table using Excel spreadsheet. It turns out Crazy isn't actually x2, and not even x1.8. I bruteforced the Crazy numbers to come up with this table:
[Image: uXYPzlw.png]
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