If a lot of characters fight it's difficult to get confused, so it would be useful if the final boss was a different color!
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If you want to give your final boss a new color you have to prepare him so you can transform into him with state: 8000. Next, change the color of the second set of sprites to whatever you want them to be.  Then you have to create a new frame that will be activated using "act" in stage.dat later. The only thing which is important in this frame is the state: it must be the transforming-state!

<frame> 350 transform into blue firzen
   pic: 1000  state: 8051  wait: 0  next: 999 
   dvx: 0  dvy: 0  dvz: 0  centerx: 38  centery: 78
   hit_a: 0  hit_d: 0  hit_j: 0

Finally, you have to note the character in stage.dat so he starts on the transforming-frame. In this case, I have to use "act: 350". If you want the character to appear with his normal sprites, just leave out the "act". To see this effect in stage - here's a study example:

Boss Color

Inspired by MH-Razen

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