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Paint Event


personality-traits: Quiet because of her mysterious nature and principe to not show any emotions, 
She never met sadness, anger, fear or even not love friendship and happiness, 
she never learned how to deal with them. She's serious, because of her lack of sense of humor. 
She's selfish and doesn't care about what other people need (with safety as exception) 
because she was a rich girl who had everything she wanted, 
but still tends to help and care about the weak because she has the strong will to change herself.
She isn't happy with the person she is, but still has a great pride in her talents and abilities; which leads to 
a great confusing and dilemma about herself, with the question: "Who am I?"
She doesn't respects rules and limits. Shes easily confused, mostly when it comes to emotions. 
She doesn't trust anyone, she never learned to do so. She's honest and good at keeping secrets, 
and likes to think thats the best thing to do in every situation.  
She's impatient and reckless and thus will act before thinking it over. 
Also very curious at everything she has not discovered
Despite to her helpful quality, she does have a dark aura hanging around her.

Talent: Archery. Bringing up courage.

Non-talent: Expressing her emotions.

Vision towards others: She always pities everyones life and tries to help everyone as much as possible.
She never took anyone but herself serious. 

Thoughts toward Eloy: In the beginning she thought he was worthless and completely annoying
She did not seem to trust him for a long time, but was forced to travel with him
Though after going through so many things together, she thinks she likes him alot...

Age: 18-19

Zodiac/Ascendant Lion/Pisces


personality-traits: A serious smart young man who likes to take things easy.  He is a thief and thus is very good
in stealth and hiding. He's cold and calm and doesn't trust anyone except for his family.
But behind that tough man, there is somewhat a poetic and musial side of him.
He doesn't really care about what others think and about their lives, though very protective towards the ones he loves.
In contrast to Tamina, he doesn't like to fight, and he thinks everything over before undergoing any action.
His fighting skills are average, but he never needed them
because of his enormous talent to escape from nasty situations, but only when its according to plan.
His intelligence is mostly shown, when he comes up with 3 or 4 escaping plans before starting out something risky.
Surprisingly, he can come up with idea's that would prove his creativity and skills. 
He can't think quickly under pressure. He's indecisive. Whenever he gets stuck, he'll probably get another idea
of a way to get out of the nasty situation, but can't decide since he wants to be sure his choice will provide 100% chance of success.
He's respecful toward nature and other creatures who are not humans. 
He believes the world he lives in isn't fair, and hates the behavior of most people, and thats why
he prefers to avoid big cities or crowded places. 

Talent: Picking locks, escaping, hiding, blending in, planning and strategy.

Non-talent: talking to people, quick decisions.

Vision towards others: If family, trust and love. If not, distrust and hatred.

Thoughts toward Tamina: he thinks shes different from the average people he meets, yet he doesnt trust her,
he feels like he could trust her in the future but doesnt know if he can or not, 
He admires her empathy for the weak.

Age: 20-21

Zodiac/Ascendant Gemini/Capricorn

Okay, the main theme is to make a drawing, that expresses their bond, their purpose together.
They don't like eachother at first, but are forced to travel together,
and secretly they do like eachother the longer they travel together.

Things I'll be rating ,and that are quite important:

- Their personalities: Don't draw Tamina all happy, bubbly when it says that she's rather a quiet and calm serious girl
And don't draw Eloy with a goofy or clumsy face when it is known that he's quite intelligent.

- The colors: I really pay attention when you got the colors right. If you use digital drawings, I'd recommand to
use a palette and take the colors straight off the picture that is shown, We don't want Eloy with blue eyes, or Tamina with black hair.

- Details: I really like a detailed picture, that'll give you extra points. I mean for example,(this is JUST a random example)
If you see her wearing a necklace, no one said, you werent allowed to give her matching earrings, or if you see her wearing a dress
with some kind of dots on it, you're allowed to edit the "dots" into some inscription or any other symbol you like.

- No chibi please: I mean, chibi's are great and cute and stuff,
but they wouldn't match their personality and their purpose.

- clothes: I know its hard to draw an armour like the one she's wearing, its okay if you make it easier
(for the ones who really have trouble with it) and what I meant, is that you can make changes to her/his armour, as long as
it basically looks the same, like I dont want a purple wing robe or an evil gown, because thats clearly not it XD
But I'm okay with making it 1-piece or 2-piece or making it some kind of metal/cotton/leather armour, whatever you like the most.

- Hint:I'll give you a hint for whats important to the characters: Tamina is a real beauty from outside, and her eyes are sea-blue-ish and very important. Eloy: his toughness is important, if you want, you can add scars or some blood (this wont change the judging, its just whatever you want or not)

[Image: r7aKM.png] Eloy

[Image: KFC2D.png] Tamina


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Would you kindly reduce the amount of colors in your post? Apply it to names only, or something.
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Does the thred title Paint Event imply that the art is supposed to be done with Windows Paint? Or just any general painting is okay, without restrictions to tools?
Getting entangled in a dream and woven into a soul of language.
Stretching time out farther to lure them through trickery and false praise.
We tear through the rainbow-like illusions.
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You can paint it anyway you want.
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are you tascha20?
if no: i dont see any sense of taking part in a fake contest
if yes: you already have some nice entries, i doubt if you can find better pics here. i think i´ll join.
btw you have forgotten the deadline.
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