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GLT ROUND5 Final |27.2.12
Quote:Tournament Hamachi Network!






MIDDLER Program which you need for LFF Nold Server - Download here!
How works MIDDLER? watch here
Also can be played via LF2 Lobby & Multiserver
Also check your Firewall & LF2 Connection

Days Limit for Round 5
27.2.12 - 5.3.12


- Main character are all allowed
- cheat isnt allowed
- Henry flute (D^J) allowed only for 1 time (cuz it's only the 1 skill that cant be dodged or blocked)
- Rudolf's clone move (DvJ) allowed only for 1 time (international tournament always with lags, so dont let the CPU won all the matches)
- Map HK Coliseum is selected as basic. Players can change map to another with mutual assent of both players
- 250 hp combo-moves Limit
- Dragon Punch Davis 2 times, Tigerdash Woody 3 times.
- 5 rounds will be played, and 5 replays for proof
- playing by main character: only one must be choosed for the whole Match against your Opponent.
- playing by Random: after fight you need to reset Character/s

EdL & Doj

HOW will be played?
Swiss System will be played more Infos » Swiss System

[Image: qkzqs303.png] 1. Zelphir
[Image: 2mdex5ee.png] 2. Nullbyte
[Image: r3g3bt7i.png] 3. Shad90

Table of Result R.5
[Image: sx45tqdx.jpg]

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who's DS-animation? what's your nickname in hamachi?
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Hamachi Room

is up to invite duell pairs.
well here a little notice for Round 1.

I am sorry, EdL talked to me that we rather should make Groups, (by Reason of 15Members Room limit in Hamachi)
few russian players did try to join, but network said it's full.

so here a solution for Joining Rooms:

Participates which're playing via Hamachi join this Rooms.
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i dunno. :huh:

re: well zelphirs problem is solved.
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I don't think the huge table there is needed?
In system swiss we only need player list (or table which contains player name, score and progressive score)
And please put it in a spoiler :) , that'll make me more comfortable.

Anyway nice job managing a tournament of thirty players :D .
I'm sorry I forgot to mention that my Hamachi nickname is VKG/CGO

And now how do we pick characters? Need a rule to start playing :P . As Zelphir said, a free character pick would lead mostly to Woody and Davis, and possibly Henry and Rudolf. No, I would like to play with and against all then heroes xD . I agree with Zelphir, preferring random over free pick.
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well the tournament leaders have decided already. you can play with everybody apart from characters. that's all some subtelties, which we don't need to fix.

only Random isn't fair. not all will be good enough with random. come on, (i am wondering that the Elite Player like to favor this :P)
you can have a chance with everyone like to win. By the way There are a lot of rules already. (so actually, you're not to be able to laming)
if everybody just taken woody or davis? ok? why not then? i wouldn't be so much interest but the most of lf2 gamers know that's the best choice.

so EdL & Me wouldn't be agree.

to do spoiler? well, but for what reason? i will do this.

wrong, we need this huge table :)... you'll see!

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where can i get hamitchi? (Nvm)

and how do i join?
My new Char!!! (Click to View)

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I mean, what if some players just wait for the opponent to pick before picking their characters? Or they don't wait but simply the opponent picks first so they counter-pick, that's even less fairer than using random.

Well, if everyone uses Woody-Davis that's not really fun at all... I do see tournaments as something for fun, because we are not playing it seriously either (unlike serious gaming like tetris on :P ). It's up to you though. The thing that's most needed to be considered right now is about who should pick first if we can pick characters freely.

Hmm... I don't see why we need the table xD .
Maybe we do need match history but not table.
Well, I hope I'll see :P .

For spoiler it's just to prevent people from having to scroll down too much :P , and to avoid the table from taking too much attention from people (people will more likely to ignore the other things when they see a huge thing like the table xD )
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@the guy, sorry that tournament runs already. you can't participate now.
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empirefantasy- Shad90
shad90 won all games

You are organizing a nice tournament.
Thanks given by: Doj

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