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[Char] Clide
Clide Is Finished! Try him out and let us know what you think.

[Image: Clide.jpg]

Final Release

[Image: clide_s.jpg]

Created by:
Trickityhouses (Main Idea, Sprites, DC)
Yinyin (DC, Ideas)

Check out some of my other stuff at

Check out Yinyin's stuff at

[Image: clide_f-2.jpg]

Clide is a close ranged fighter. Works best in small battles as his
attacks can't range very well and doesnt have a huge area attack.
His combos are deadly and he is pretty fast. Explosive Strike can
deal insane damage if you land it in the sweet spot which is the palm.

Mess with him if you like, everything is fair game. Give some
credits though.


Sprites ------------------------------------------------------------------

D>A Energy Blast (mp 65)
Shoots 2 energry blast that move very fast. Low damage and
fades after a short distance. Can continuous fire with A..A..A..

DvA Quick Strikes (mp 75)
3 hit combo. Can chain into Air Kicks

D^A Explosive Strike (mp 250)
Strikes with explosive power. Can absorb a few hits while
striking. The Strike is extermely deadly but has to hit spot
on. There is a CRITICAL zone that does insane damage. But has a
tiny hit zone.

D>J Slide (mp 75)
fast moving slide attack. Can end with a Super Kick and be
chained or canceled into Air Kicks.

D^J Air Kicks (mp 25)
leaps into the air and kicks twice.

Thanks! And Enjoy!

-edit added 1.1. removed the explode file

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 446.17 KB / Downloads: 523)
[Image: 3rdslim.jpg]
[Image: DAslim.jpg]
[Image: Rocky.jpg]
[Image: Clidebanner.jpg]

Thanks given by: LutiChris , YinYin , hell fightter , The Hari , Memento
A BIG HURRAY!! I like it!
This place motivates me to become an artist, this place motivates me to learn coding, this place made me grow up, showed me the ways to interact with people. Unlike the old childish of me myself, I've learned a lot and gotten some experiences. For me, it's not just a fan forum, it's a helpful community. From a noob to someone who would think before he speaks, looking back at my old post made me laugh hard, I'm grateful of the differences between these 2 years.
~Thank You All and Farewell
~Goodbye, LFE.
RIP - 14/04/2014
Thanks given by: Trickityhouses
I was waiting for this char by long time. Really thanks that you finish him :) What can I say about him: In my humble opinion - he is perfect. Balanced, simple high qualities sprites (in my favourite colors) and nice to play. He is second fan-made character which i have in my LF2. So far I had only Maveric, now I have also Clide. Both characters are brilliant. Please - more characters like this.

Thanks given by: Trickityhouses
ow, trickity ... looks like i forgot to tell you the explode.dat isn't used anymore
Thanks given by: Trickityhouses
(05-04-2012, 02:02 PM)YinYin Wrote:  ow, trickity ... looks like i forgot to tell you the explode.dat isn't used anymore

oh LOL i'll update this when i get some time :(

-edit- k i removed the file and rezipped it. for some reason that made the zip file 20 kb bigger.... hmmmmm weird. anyways if you play him let us know how he feels/ balance cause i kinda stink and dont get far in stage mode.
[Image: 3rdslim.jpg]
[Image: DAslim.jpg]
[Image: Rocky.jpg]
[Image: Clidebanner.jpg]

Thanks given by:
i've written a special AI for clide with silvas programmable AI scripting

might improve it later on but this AI does very well against the originals

edit: clide will need id: 3 and this file will need to be inside an AI\ folder in the lf2 directory
but you can also rename this file to use a different id

edit: updated for 0.4 - added a few mean combos and he even adjusts his position for a critical hit
just try to let him take you into the dance of pain while hes got more than 50% mp

int ego(){
//close range:
if (target.y == 0 && abs(target.z-self.z) < 9 && (self.x-target.x)*((self.facing?1:0)*2-1) < 0 && (self.x-target.x)*((self.facing?1:0)*2-1) < 100 && target.state == 16 && >= 250){
 if (abs(self.x-target.x) > 0 && (self.state == 2 || self.state == 0)){
  if (self.x-target.x > 0){left();}         //turn back
  else {right();}
 else if (self.x-target.x < 0){left();}  //adjust x for D^A
 else {right();}
 return 1;
}//basic move conditions:
else if (target.y == 0 && abs(target.z-self.z) < 9 && (self.x-target.x)*((self.facing?1:0)*2-1) > 0 && (self.x-target.x)*((self.facing?1:0)*2-1) < 100){
 if (target.state == 16 && >= 250 && abs(self.x-target.x) > 50){DuA();} //D^A against DoP
 else if (target.state == 16 && >= 250){                              //adjust x for D^A
  if (self.x-target.x < 0){left();}
  else {right();}
  return 1;
 else if (target.state == 8 || target.state == 16){DdA();}    //DvA against DoP and broken defense
 else if (target.state == 3 && >= 75){D();}          //D against attacks with enough mp
 if (self.state == 7 && self.bdefend >= 20){DdA();}         //DvA from critical defense
//long/mid range:
else if (self.x-target.x != 0){
 if (target.state != 12 && abs(100*(self.z-target.z)/((self.x-target.x)*((self.facing?1:0)*2-1))) <= 15 && abs(self.x-target.x) < 200 && abs(self.x-target.x) > 80){
  if (self.x-target.x > 0){DlJ();}         //D<J
  else if (self.x-target.x < 0){DrJ();}   //D>J
 else if (abs(100*(self.z-target.z)/((self.x-target.x)*((self.facing?1:0)*2-1))) <= 15 && abs(self.x-target.x) < 400 && abs(self.x-target.x) > 200){
  if (self.x-target.x > 0){DlA();}         //D<A
  else if (self.x-target.x < 0){DrA();}   //D>A
//instant attacks
if (self.state == 5){A();}                                               //dash attack
if ((self.frame == 75 || self.frame == 275) && target.state == 12){J();}//leap
if (self.frame == 319){A();}                                           //leap attack
if (self.frame == 94 && target.state == 12){A();}                     //slide kick
if (self.frame == 215 && target.state == 12){J();}                   //dash combo
return 0;

edit: Sooo - over a year later I'm zipping Clide up including AI and mirror sprites (also my preferred installation location inside the sprite folder to not clog up the main folder ...).

[Image: clide.png]

If you haven't enjoyed him with AI before maybe click that image now.
Thanks given by: Trickityhouses , Memento

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