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LF2 Character Ideas
Actually this is a thread to collect your ideas for characters. I know some guys here have quite a lot of good ideas but don't know how to DC, some prefer to start projects and never finish them, and some have good ideas but not enough time to code them.

Here you can post all your ideas for characters, single moves or whole chars, doenst matter, but if you have ideas - here's your place...


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Thanks given by: STM1993 , Hukko , Electric2Shock , John Fighterli
erm, actually this is only meant to be a collection of ideas, not upcoming projects.
More something like:

A ghost as a character that has a nebula-attack, can poison his enemies, etc.

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Thanks given by: zeal
wow, you really got the point :p ok then I start myself (and will delete the trash after this :p)

Vampire-Character: (images: famous vampire-teeth, black clothes
- Can summon Bats
- Can byte other enemies (catch-move). If they die within the move they will be revived and join your team as vampires, if they stay alive they only transform into vampires but dont join your team
- Can fly for a short distance, and like with firen's blaze it takes mp each 20px or so he flyes :p)
- hidden itr/kind 8 balls heal him
- Hypnose: They can stun a char (a hidden ball hits a character so he stays in dance of pain for a while)
- transform into a wolf temporary, jumps forward, bytes an enemy and transform back
- he can beam to enemys in a fog column

Inspired by:

I meant something like this ;)
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Once I had a fortune, it said: "Leave now. Life is short. Time is luck"
Don't dream your life, live your dream!
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@mh: sry for misunderstanding you Redface

well, here is another idea: a completely automatic char :p he just follows the opponents and hits them :)
even if fighting with him would be a bit boring (you would have nothing to do :D ), creating and fighting against him would be interesting i guess. he should look like a robot

i hope this time i got it :D

edit: a chuck norris character :D
he owns all with his roundhouse-kick :p

well, i think description of attacks isn't needed :)

edit2: a totally crazy char, he gets damage but he doesn't go to hurt frames, can't be burned or frozen. quick, high damage just meele attacks
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Elemental figure.
would look like something between firen and freeze.

-lightning blast.
-summon stones
-icicles falling from sky
-lightning ball.
-lightning strike.char punches ground and lighnings come from sky.
-"ice" dragon punch.dragon punch with freezing effect.
-Stone rain.char makes whirl wind and stones starts falling from sky.

E:some attacks added
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It'd be good to see a full Zombie LF2 Mod. Although it'd apply mainly to shooting games, LF2 could have shooting elements, and besides, zombies are not limited to shooting games right? You could always have Davis running to a zombie and then combo him to bits.

There have been similar mods to zombies (but its not) like Killer LF2 (made by YinYin), where you play as Davis/Woody/Dennis to fight against "Heaven Smiles", who are kinda like monsters who go kamikaze (Suicide bomb).

- Added more information on Half-Zombies

Some ideas for the zombies in the mod:

Zombies generally:
A) Can't run, dash, roll, jump, or flip from a fall.
B) They can't block, only attack.
C) They may be quite difficult to knock down.
D) They cannot pick up weapons.
E) Use melee attacks
F) They don't fall down unless they are hit VERY hard.

1. Typical Zombie
They are the most basic zombie, but they have one unique ability. They can bite, causing a human to be infected and have life drained from him like a poison. Should the human die from its effect, he will become a zombie himself. You may slow down the infection, but stopping the infection may be impossible. There is a special potion which can be drunk, which will turn your character into a half-zombie.

2. Tank Zombie
Tanks, as their name imply, are physically much stronger and more durable, are heavy and pretty big-sized. They can carry heavy objects and throw them, and may run (like Mark in the form of a berserker charge, or just run and if the enemy is near, pressing attack = shoulder bash) for a limited distance (uses mana). Fire and ice are poor against them, but backstabbing works very well. Take advantage of its slow speed.

3. Speed Zombie (Ghouls)
If there are tanks, there are also speed zombies. Ghouls are very fast and agile, so A) does not apply to them. However, ghouls are more easily affected by strong moves, so they can get knocked off easily and end up lying on the ground (though they will get up). They also have less HP compared to typical zombies. Fire does not work well against them, but ice is very effective.

4. Combat Zombie
Combat zombies are basically zombies holding a melee weapon BY DEFAULT, such as crowbars, chainsaws etc. No no, they do not pick up items, they are just holding a certain weapon by itself. Combat zombies tend to be physically better than typical zombies as they need more physical ability and skill to hold weapons. Attacks have a tendency to stun them, but not knock them over.

5. Zombie Soldier/Archer (Ranged Zombies, "Ranger")
Ranged zombies are the ranged counterparts of combat zombies. They have access to ranged weapons, such as guns and bows. These zombies tend to be physically better than typical zombies as they need more physical ability and skill to hold weapons. Attacks have a tendency to stun them, but not knock them over.

6. Zombie Mage "Necromancer"
Necromancers are basically zombies with magical abilities, so they rely a lot on their mana. They cast various spells to support the horde of zombies, as well as some spells against you. Fortunately, they're physically weak.

7. Fighter Zombie
These are the replicas of the original Little Fighters in terms of ability, so they are quite strong in melee attacks and have the ability to use magic for ranged attacks. They however, may not carry weapons and may not flip from a fall. A,B,C,E,F do not apply to them (except for flipping from a fall in A).

8. Persistent Zombie (Vendetta)
Arguably, they can be said to be more durable than tank zombies. Because even when defeated, they will rise again. Also, they are able to carry light weapons (but can't throw them). General physical attacks and ice attacks work poorly against these zombies. Fire, however, will burn away their flesh (if they are "killed" by fire), forming a skeleton. Direct hits from explosions or getting overkilled by some physical attacks will destroy their bodies, but may leave behind a ghost to haunt you (like YinYin's Alternative LF2 for some characters, like Justin). Sacred objects, however, kill them instantly, like any other undead. And if they happen to pick up a milk bottle to drink, they'll die.

9. Skeleton
Skeletons are quite fast and very skilled, and they are able to use light weapons (even throw them). Fire is terrible against skeletons. Skeletons can't drink ; they'll destroy the drink. They can run and roll and also block, but cannot jump or dash. Skeletons are not destroyed by physical attacks, as they will reform together again. A direct explosion hit will destroy it instantly. Ice can stop a skeleton, and if hit while still frozen, a skeleton can be destroyed.

10. Cannibal
Do NOT let these zombies near you! These blood-thirsty and hungry zombies will grab you and then do massive damage by tearing you apart with their limbs and devouring you. Beware, these zombies are quite fast too. Fortunately, they die easily and cannibals take a while before they actually do the damage, so during that delay before they start eating you, you can struggle and push them away, which may do damage if you use certain characters with certain moves. (For example, if your character uses a shotgun, he can push the cannibal back with a strong shotgun blast and possibly kill it.). Cannibals recover health by devouring, and they may exceed their usual amount of health. Fire works well against them, and ice will slow them down well.

11. Chemical Zombie
These zombies are out to run to you and self-destruct (like the Heaven Smiles in Killer LF2). When killed, they will explode violently unless frozen. They react vigorously to fire and explosions.

12. Half-Zombie
By taking the antidote for zombie infection, it turns the victim half-zombie, but still has a mind of his own (Half-zombies are on your side!). Half-zombies retain their original human abilities. However, they are physically stronger (though their speed is still the same), more durable to damage and are immune to zombie bites. Half-zombies cannot drink or they will kill themselves, and sacred objects will burn them (but not kill them). Half-zombies themselves can cannibalize any flesh (including other zombies!) to recover their own health, and this is also a form of effective counter against cannibal zombies.

Update: Half-Zombies may simply drop/throw a drink instead of drinking or breaking the drink when they press the attack button. Half-Zombies cannot cannibalize skeletons because they have no flesh. Persistent zombies can be cannibalized but will leave behind a skeleton. Half-Zombies can attempt to cannibalize chemical zombies, but they'll meet with a terrible consequence - BOOM !!!
I have some ideas:

Summons skeletons.
(Skeletons die when brought to the lying-frames)
Has dark magic attacks, preferably with a foul, greenish color.
Physically weak, slow, jumps bad, normal attacks do little damage and so on.

Fights with a yo-yo.
agile and fast, weak and long ranged attacks. Almost no opoints, mostly itr:s.
Some attacks:
A very long yo-yo throw, maybe with a fire touch.
A high sweep-like attack, which sweeps down enemies from above.
One attack where he spins around with his yo-yo extended, dealing good damage and knockback to enemies.
(This is actually an idea i´ve had even before i played LF2 at all...)
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Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars

Has a cloak with a hood, VERY wrinkled face if you see it at all, very slow walking but fast running and high jumping


Force Lightning with itr:kind both 8 and 0
Lightsaber combos
Summon reinforcements
Force Choke
Other stuff :D

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Kung Fu characters. Each character representing the different styles of kung-fu. Such as:

an old man who represents Drunken Boxing.

a buddhist monk representing the Shaolin or Wu-Tang


OR stickmen characters each one having different abilities. Crazy Jay much?
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Thanks given by: Bamboori
Hey dude i like the zombie-idea!

here are some adds:

Skelleton Knight
An armored skelleton using a sword, but has no skills.
Will drop sword after death.

Skelleton Archer
Skelleton with a bow, easy to know down, but they are dealing much damage.

Skelleton Crossbow
Armored Skelleton Archer with a crossbow, deals less dmg then a skelleton archer, but shoots quicker.

Giant Grave Zombie
a zombie as big as 2 Julians together, has much hp, but deals less dmg and has less defense.

poison zombie
a zombie with poison skills,less hp, no armor, but dealing high dmg with a battleaxe, summoning a poison cloud after death

Burning Zombie/Forzen Zombie
Ele Zombies, all values midium

An unknown creature coming outa hell.
Lives in shadows, are the devils personally murderers (he can send them)
They are nearly unbeatable, using soul magic, but they also have a strong body.
(looking like wolfes (standing, walking), but kinda not like wolfes (attacking))

Undead Stormelb
they allways apper when a lightning hits a hero.
All values perfect,resistant to magic and ele, heavy armor, only weakness are magic armorbreaking arrows and bolts

Crazy Zombie
Weak zombie, no values, just can run (no standing) and attack
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