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Faster punch
Hello everyone!

I need a little help to make a character punch faster (frames 60-69). I would like it to punch very fast (maybe even punching more than one time while pressing attack button once) and also be able to punch enemy several times (like 3 or even more) before he/she falls. The last thing (tell me if I'm wrong) can be achieved by decreasing bdfend and fall values. I've tried to do it alone, but uhh... there are a lot of issues. I wondered if negative wait values would work (didn't try yet). Decreasing arest (or vrest, whatever) to 0 didn't make a big difference, so I set it to -10 and -100 to make a try. Actually the punches were much faster, but the enemy was always falling after one punch, even with bdfend: 0.

Please i need some help!!! What am i doing wrong!?
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