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[Solved] No Random Item Drops. How?
Hey, I want to get some space in the Data region so i want to get rid of the Weapons and Items Bbbuuuutttt If i simply deleat ´em in de data.txt it´ll crash the game sooner or later.

Soooooo any suggestions?
Also- I´m currently working on a Full-mod so I don´t realy needém anyway.

Thanky up front! :D
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What I did was remove them all but 1.

id: 100 weapon0.dat

Then for frame 0 I put state 3005 so no shadow appears when it spawns and next 1000 so it deletes itself right after it spawns.
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I think its better to remove all except the following before applying what bash did:
id: 122 type: 6 file: data\weapon6.dat #milk
id: 123 type: 6 file: data\weapon8.dat #beer
Otherwise Battle mode could crash.
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Thanksarino :D
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