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Light's Sprites
Since everyone seems to have a Thread like this I might as well give it a try
I've never done spriting that much in general but I want to be able to make my own spritesheets someday so I decided to start out somehow :p

so heres my first one

[Image: di1minp.png] It was my first attempt at creating my own template and actually making a pose I basically used Template as template to draw my own ( If you are wondering what this is supposed to be its a move from Muay Thai called Flying Knee)

[Image: PFEEaQB.png] My 2nd sprite tries to resemble Woody's hair and his jacket from Little Fighter Online.
Then I just slapped some generic shorts and shoes on it because I didn't know what further dress  him and im a lazy person that always rushes things.
Only used Davis as a base everything else drawn from hand with my tablet and mouse.

I know its not too much yet but I can't just force ideas and I usually tend to draw only the fun parts :p

[Image: p1Jj3JA.png] Loke 100% Version and 2x 400% Version

[Image: cXYnOH1.png] Link base
Thanks given by: Marko , A-Man , Mono , Ariyan
You definitely have the potential and I hope you continue posting your work here in this thread. I really like to see how people progress over time. I remember there was this guy xlittlebobx or something like that, he started even worse than you, but was spriting and posting really frequently and in some time became a really good spriter. Sadly he's away now, but this thread somehow reminded me :p

I'm not a spriter guy myself, so I unfortunately I cannot comment on the technical side at this time. Sorry.
But good luck! And don't ever lose focus :D
Thanks given by: AmadisLFE
Alright im not dead yet.

Heres something I might turn into a sprite when im done with it.

This is the idea I came up with when I was bored.
And this is when I decided to draw it.
I suck at drawing tho.

I really have no clue how to draw anything hahaha.
I will draw the arms and fix the other things when I figure out how to do it :p
Thanks given by: Arcane

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