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[exe] Bloody Skin
This is a side project i was making, i'll start working on it again after LF2.0 is released
Here some Screenshots :

Main Menu
[Image: alllldddiiiiiiiXDDD.png]

Control Settings
[Image: bloodymoddesign.png]

Battle Menu (Just the old one, I already fixed it)
[Image: BATTLEMENU.png]

Character Selection
[Image: bloodymoddesign2.png]

Gif Animation of Fight Screen and Sparks
[Image: gifanimationbloodyskin.gif]
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wow, you guys create so cool exe-files - second on one day. Keep up this good work!
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wow, pretty awesome skin so far :)
hope you can keep it up!

No, MH, I wanted to have the first reply! :P
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Really cool
i like it
yeah i the battle menu rocks and the ? is really cool
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wooow, awesome!
I like the hit-effects! also the menu looks clear!

;p keep it up!
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Its very nice will it only be an exe-change?
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too bad that the small pics don't fit there... (take that as a suggestion if you aren't lazy :P) otherwise GOOD EXE!! it looks very nice :)

TITLE: a idea
make cave for bear?
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Quote:too bad that the small pics don't fit there...
You mean the *char-name*_s.bmp pics ?
What about a gradient to make it more smoothen (?)

[Image: gradients.png]

Oh i see now that i forgot to change the random_s pics ...
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You need to redo the gradient-thingy in the Follower-part of the Battle mode as well ;)
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holy #$%$. Very nice. I'm...well...that's all I have to say. That is awesome
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