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how can I heal weapons?
How can I heal weapons?
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did you try itr with negative injury?

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

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Just keep the no. of hits required to break the object higher? I mean this will do it as u really don't wanna break it
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What I planed to make is a sentry that a player(spesific one) can fix.
I cant realy check if the negative itr works and I didnt understand what hellbazer wrote.
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(05-18-2015, 04:17 AM)TheAlr Wrote:  I cant realy check if the negative itr works and I didnt understand what hellbazer wrote.
Easy. First summon a weapon like Freeze's DvJ (don't use F8). Then make a 3-frame move where the first two frame have no wpoint and have itrs that can hit the weapon. The first itr hits for 1 damage, the 2nd itr hits for -1 damage to heal. The 3rd frame drops the weapon using wpoint kind 3 like 1st frame of Freeze's DvJ.

The weapon in question should be modified such that its HP is 300hp, and takes 299 damage when dropped. If the healing worked, the weapon should not break when dropped.

You can also check if the 1st itr is unnecessary. Remove the 1st damaging itr, change the damage on drop to 300. This is to check if it is possible to heal beyond 300hp.

Finally, if -itr doesn't work, you can check if -1 damage is considered as 1 damage or 0 damage by using the original 3-frame move, but change the falling damage of the weapon to 298 instead.
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i dont know if this is relevant but i wanna say that, the ideas u get are damn cool.. :D
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