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Another spawnpoint at the begining of the stage
This came to my mind while watching videos of various NES games.
*Can a player (from character select screen) be spawned in the different Location. Example. In this case it's the air. Spawning character from the air, making him fall from the sky.
*Is it required for a special object so it could be able to catch character from a ground and make him appear in the air. This also should work for all characters in the area.
*Is it DC possible or needs something to do with editing the main file which is the lf2.exe?

What is I am asking if you did not understood, can spawnpoint be changed by dcing?
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technically the spawn point cannot be changed

However you sure can grab and relocate players, that will only work once they stopped blinking though.
The better option would be to have the still blinking character react to a stage object (best case a zero placer) within the very first active frame. So you are doing pretty instant repositioning inside any character meant to be spawned elsewhere.

The character may still flash up in the original location briefly.
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