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Weapon: attack that desapir weapons.
I don't know how to hit a weapon into a specific frame.

(04-29-2015, 06:47 PM)empirefantasy Wrote:  which in fact brings weapon to hit frame.
Hit frames of a weapon are randomly 0-15 - which are also used for being in the air.

(04-29-2015, 06:47 PM)empirefantasy Wrote:  But if you want a normal weapon, then it might be done by using some ik8 techniques, to shift objects to certain frames :/
That would also require a character.
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Itr8 hit only chars.
I need a way to summon an invisible char who pick the weapon with weaponact: x and then desapear.
The problme is that people could choose him.
So I need to put the invisble char frames on an existing player(even the player who summoned the ball).
If there is no way to pick with ball, how can I pick weapon with char to spetific frame(not the picking fame)
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You can pick with a character without going to a different frame - with the itr used in most characters rolling frames.
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