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C++ program that calculates prime numbers during compile time
#include <utility>
#include <iostream>
#include <type_traits>
template <typename T>
struct type_is { using type = T; };
namespace detail {
template <size_t N,typename>
struct SIsPrime;
template <size_t N>
struct SIsPrime<N,std::index_sequence<>>:std::true_type {};
template <size_t N,size_t M,size_t... Ms>
struct SIsPrime<N,std::index_sequence<M,Ms...>>
    :std::conditional<N%(M+2) == 0,std::false_type,SIsPrime<N,std::index_sequence<Ms...>>>::type {};
template <size_t N>
struct is_prime;
template <>
struct is_prime<0>:std::false_type {};
template <>
struct is_prime<1>:std::false_type {};
template <size_t N>
struct is_prime:detail::SIsPrime<N,std::make_index_sequence<N/2-1>> {};
template <typename NumberTs,typename PrimeTs = std::index_sequence<>>
struct filter_primes;
template <size_t... Primes>
struct filter_primes<std::index_sequence<>,
                     std::index_sequence<Primes...>>:type_is<std::index_sequence<Primes...>> {};
template <size_t N,size_t... Numbers,size_t... Primes>
struct filter_primes<std::index_sequence<N,Numbers...>,std::index_sequence<Primes...>>
                          filter_primes<std::index_sequence<Numbers...>,std::index_sequence<Primes...>>>::type {};
template <typename>
struct print_index_sequence;
template <size_t N>
struct print_index_sequence<std::index_sequence<N>> {
    static inline void call(){
        std::cout << N;
template <size_t N,size_t... Ns>
struct print_index_sequence<std::index_sequence<N,Ns...>> {
    static inline void call(){
        std::cout << N << ", ";
struct print_index_sequence<std::index_sequence<>> {
    static inline void call(){};
int main(){
    using Numbers = std::make_index_sequence<600>;
    using Primes = filter_primes<Numbers>::type;
    return 0;

Requires a C++14 compiler and library. If it takes too long time to compile you can change the maximal number from 600 to something smaller.
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