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Stage: Custom Stage w/Default data v0.7
This is a simply Stage data that uses only data already available in the original LF2. All stages including Survival changed.

.rar   custom stage.rar (Size: 363.4 KB / Downloads: 97)
Updated Stage.dat (Click to View)
Attachment includes the stage.dat file, and the following optional add-ons:
* Custom Template - stats boosted to same as average hero character, able to roll any direction, J+A to use >>A attack. DJA to heal. DvA to kick. Cleaned up template sprites. Dashing back can defend against attacks, also triggered by D^J/DvJ. Be warned you do encounter Template in one particular section of Stage 5, but they shouldn't be too hard to deal with since they are still essentially just Bandits with more HP.
* etc_mirror.bmp , which is to make the etc commands like "come/move/stay/I join you" show up properly when spawned in stage.

I did this because I always thought original LF2's stage placed too much emphasis on building up an army to steamroll the enemy from stage 4 onwards, while stage 3 itself pretty much expected you to go on to fight LouisEX without any milk from fighting 3 enemy heroes in a row. I also found that there aren't many LF2 stage mods out there which didn't modify the data of individual characters and thus be incompatible with potential mods. Thus, the motivation for making this default data only stage.

What to expect from this stage mode:
* Enemies are balanced to have more HP in general, but less of them spawn in the same instance.
* Emphasis on soloing the stage yourself on Difficult/Crazy difficulty. You are expected to fight hard but be given a generous amount of milk between important fights.
* Some surprise phases!
* Allies/Criminals are still available, but they don't last long. In fact, they are mostly just meat shields to briefly distract the enemy while you go for the boss. Don't expect to raise a whole army and steamroll stage.

I've gotten feedback from prince_freeza and Nave that this is tough (at least for stages 1 to 4, stage 5 and survival are still pretty new). Can you conquer this stage with the 10 original heroes (or even Template)?

[Image: icSeGE1.png]
Quick screenshot. I wish I could upload a video as this screenshot doesn't do the stage justice; my internet has been extremely slow lately so I can't properly upload a video file.

Here's a video preview of Stage 3-3 and 3-4.

This stage is pretty much done (updating Survival though), but feedback would be greatly appreciated.
[Image: uMSShyX.png]
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Thanks given by: Deep , king_freeza
Giving it a try. Will upload videos if possible :D.
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This is actually pretty hard really(mean its awesome). When I tried the 2 stage beta, it got hanged at 1-2. Then it got not responding after 1-3 stage when tried the 4 stage beta.Haven't tried this yet.
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(Original Post: 02:00 GMT+8)
@Deep - I still don't know why you'd crash though, PF & Nave had no trouble loading the stage. Only thing I know is that my laptop does slow down a bit while going between certain phases in stage. Can you try deleting certain lines in the data and see if the stage continues to crash? I suspect the use of hp: 0 x: -400 join: xxx or the etc lines (id: 998) might have caused it.