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Are you active / what are you working on
(04-13-2016, 06:44 PM)Marko Wrote:  ..i have an idea..
What about making possible the special move Ramond came up only in certain backgrounds (where there is actually snow on the ground).
If background doesn't match, he simply keeps rolling normally (maybe for a shorter distance)?
i am sure something like that wouldn't be probelm to code and it would give new dimension to the game.

If this is possible, it could be really neat.

Super snowball for "hunter" snowman: I agree that would be a good move
As for the huge snowball, he's just a "bandit" in fact. Filling the screen with a massive snowball is like Magikarp using hyperbeam to clear his swimming path
Feel free to use materials made for LF2 extended, such as the sprites for Daniel. You can choose to continue it or to use the sprites for a new character. You can find the subforum for LF2 extended under 'projects'.
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just wanted to let you guys know there wont be any progress from me for an unknown time.
Got into a game project inspired by LF2 as an spriter.
Getting some money there so ye, that first priority.

Glad you understand :)
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