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Holding button to charge attack
I want to make it so i can charge my attack in to a super attack.On the old lfe fourms i looked for it and found it but it says"thread does not exist!" and i need hel pso can someone post the just so i can study it and i can ask questions for help too?
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sinow made that
hes been a lil active latley - maybe pm him direclty about it
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i've got rather messy data of this. made quite a while back and never updated since.
don't worry about the w/e timestop and shot 2 stuff, those were old thingies and i didn't include the data files for them. just don't press J and u won't have any problems.

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really, is a good ideia, hold button to attack...
<center>[Image: 38018291.gif]</center>
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Hm, but if you want the charge-up to be smooth, you'll have to devote way too many frames for it... In my opinion it's a waste :/
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whoa cool
i've already thought that doing this was impossible :D

its cool to know that someone did it,
i'm working on a mod and i need it :D

i'll try to do this! :P

and... dont worry, i'll give credits ;)
why sinow don't teach how to do it and let put the tutorial on lfe main site? =[

i need to know this for smash attacks!
The dumb do the mess, the normal one gets angry, the smart one have fun. :D
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