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Lf2 The World Exe Packs
Need to DESIGN The exe.Its special.
Everyone listen Don't post any posts If u don't know Exe editing.

Do u guys know How to Remove Options from a exe. like Wanna Remove Battle mode.How can I do it.If its Really hard to teach me so,Send the exe here.

And About Lf2 Tespia exe.
Was that exe pack updated.If it is So what Updated?

no posts yet come on man.
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Does Any lf2 Empire members doesn't knows how to put data and sprites in a exe 2.0 and 1.9

#If u guys don't so I'm really Ashamed.
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When you gonna learn... oh god
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By the words of an experienced member:
(03-11-2015, 11:21 AM)YinYin Wrote:  Suggestion: don't make your vision depend on a disposable feature.

You don't need this for your "mod". It's only going to take time out of working on what is more important.
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, u know see carefully u guys are making this thread going to desposal.i just asked a quistion and u guys are helping me or what.
Specially Apendix and Marko.
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