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Video Programs For Windows 7,8 and 8.1
Guys.I need your help.I don't know that which video editor is best for these windows.I am currently using Windows 8.1
So, I will be very greatfull to you all if u guys send me these Softwares.

1.A great Video Editing software where I can Do any things with videos.(i don't wanna register it but i want it. When I Produce the video there should be no banner)
2.Video Screen Capture. (for Shooting lf2 game and others)

Please guys if u have this kind of softwares registered so please up lode and send the download link here thanks.
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1-Virtual dub
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If you can find adobe after affects lurking about on the pirate bay its one of the best video editing software available with a bunch of tutorials online

Or you download a free trial off their website for 30 days
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I love SnagIt for recording. It's smooth and easy to use, but it's just a 14-days trial if you want it for free.
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I use Ocam for recording.
And I think Format Factory will do your job for editing.
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I have format factory video converter didn't know that there was a video editing thing.

Hey! i searched it it only video converter.

Does any one have a cool Video editing software that no trail or registration needed I can use for my entair life

Guys I wanna see pokemon X and Y all episords hd.
can anyone give a download link here.
i didn't found on youtube.need all in one folder or rar or different omg!!! Anything!
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since the pokemon series is licensed it would be illegal to provide you a free download link for them.

but im sure you already knew that and also checked out all of the suggested programs.
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I would like to remind you all that we don't link nor in any way endorse piracy or illegal activities here. There's some useful stuff in the thread, so it stays. Keep the rest to yourself or stick to PMs.
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1) Ok So the Tell me Where can I found that Great Video Editor which No register needed and I can Go great Edits on videos.Also No banner will be stuck When I produce Videos.
I have A video editor But its wants register so when I produce videos it stucks a banner in the middle so I don't like mine.The name of this software is Avs for U. So, If u guys have found any good video editor then Please post the link here.

2)I have a question!
A man Have a great video editor. He registers it and gave that to another Man's Computer.So,Will it work on there or not?
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1) The most likely app that fits your requirements is [Screenr]. It's free and doesn't leave a watermark if I recall correctly.

2) No, it won't.

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