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New Game: Connect-5 + Chess Knight
Eldemin Knight
Windows PC download and play game

Please try and play it :) if you're interested ofc. Hope it runs smooth. I have only tested on my own computer.
Would really like to hear your comments and high scores :D

Press Q to swap the first two tiles
Press M to mute music

Look at the 'how to play' folder for a quick explanation.
Read the readme.txt for information about game modes and difficulty levels.

Don't start with Blitz mode because it requires a bit of experience to make fast moves :D .
Thanks given by: A-Man
(02-19-2015, 10:03 PM)Kevin Wrote:  Don't start with Blitz mode because it requires a bit of experience to make fast moves :D .
Lol didn't reach this far when I read the post the first time :P
[Image: AGNUlLW.png]

At first, I thought it was going to be some other connect-4 clone, but it turned out to be a game with its own unique (even though mixed) rules. You did an excellent job on that! I can say I found the game pretty addictive myself. One suggestion though; pleease consider putting a small tiny pause when the meter goes blank before the game randomly places you a piece. I found myself always missing a last moment click because of this, and this did build the frustration which is why people often quit good games.

That music thou.., I loved that music! Did you compose those yourself? Yes, according to the readme (if so, would you be interested in composing for commercial game projects in game development teams?)

Also, here is something you might find interesting:

Edit: What's the deal with the word "TEMPE" by the way?
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Thanks given by: Kevin
thanks for trying the game

hm that's a good idea to let the timer bar empty a little bit before the time actually runs out :P

I am very inconsistent at making musics :D most of my musics wait in my projects folder forever ;p . I probably just lack the confidence going for commercial musics ;p .

and oops, I didn't mean to show any "TEMPE"... omg XD .
It's my favorite food and it is the name of my personal 'C++ SFML game' template. Template ~~> Tempe in a plate ;o

Hmm I didnt know it's called Knight's Tour :D . I have played it quite a lot, actually I found interesting solutions, just by hand and paper, during boring class/lectures ;p .

A few years ago I found a solution which is very very easy to remember, and I can spell the squares very fluently if I am allowed to see a blank chess board ;D . I can even do with closed eyes, but slower because I need to figure out the row and column numbers.

which... hmm... damn the solution is just the same concept with that magic squares thing XD (dividing the board into 4, but I didn't think of magic numbers ofc)

Only for 8x8 though ;p . I've found a solution for 6x6 to 9x9 (but without having to go back to the starting square, except for 8x8) which I can explain in a few minutes and you can easily solve them if you're allowed to see a blank board (otherwise, you'll know where you're going but will need some skill to be able to tell the row/column numbers)

O I should post a video about it ;p , pretty interesting useless stuff I found

btw guess who played this!
(hint: I can almost beat master level, but this is GM level XD )
Thanks given by: A-Man

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