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Pf's sprites
Well, some sprites are not ment to be resized.

Other than that, it looses the round feeling and 3D feel with shading like that.
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[Image: iFVxny1.png]
Assassin blade dancer - warrior within

@v: will try to fix later when i'm home and post an updated sprite, thanks :)
Thanks given by: STM1993 , Ariyan
Quite easily mistaken for the character's front at a glance, might need more detail showing the bones(specifically shoulders & spine).
Thanks given by: Prince Freeze
[Image: MKFNWek.png]

[Image: EJU7Uzk.jpg]
warrior within

[Image: Dxxxuau.png]
Immortals: Theseus, Lysander, King Hyperion
[Image: IIcrAnb.png]
Thanks given by: STM1993 , MangaD , Arokh , Gad , Arcane , LutiChris

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