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New Year Resolutions
(a bit late, but that's because the forum went offline while I was writing this)

So yes. The last 4 digits in the calendar has finally been incremented. It's not a big deal but acts as a good time interval for you to see how productive you were.

As for myself, I am not really satisfied with what I've achieved in 2014/2015. I honed my C++ skills while working on the A-Engine and few other projects, learnt more on game development and work conventions to consider while working one, but that was pretty much it. Much much more I could've done in the year.

The hourglass has just been flipped, and here comes another opportunity to do better.
My resolutions for this year (in no particular order):
-Become financially independent.
-Release the A-Engine.
-Produce at least 3 One Piece A-Edition versions.
-Dive deeper with low-level languages and develop a better understanding of computers' architecture.
-Get into web development and work on a couple of projects on that field.
-Learn a bit of graphics and animation.

Anyone willing to share theirs?
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Hmm, yea, 2014 wasn't really that special from my perspective either. Looking much more forward to 2015!

New Year's resolutions?

> inb4 4k/hd/vga

Being awesome
Getting a more proper uni-degree aka. write thesis
Being awesomerer
Earning moar moniez with painting
Being more awesome than my body has room for

Eh, I don't actually know. Never been that big fan of resolutions to be made for a certain day-change. I'm just making these up on the fly :p
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