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How to skip the loading page of lf2?
How to skip the loading page of lf2?
And what program should i use to do that?
If i can't skip the loading page, how can i make the words like davis.dat background from blue to transparent? becuz if i change the background photo, the words still highlighted in blue. Thank you very much.
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You can't "skip" the loading screen since during the time you see it, the .dat files are parsed and the assets are loaded.

As for the blue background color for the text, you will probably be using Ollydebug (if you don't know what that is, then you might have to check the tutorials section of the hex forum. You can start with these). I am not sure about the address you can find that at. You can figure that out by yourself with some trial and error; search "push X" (X being the hexadecimal/html color code for that blue. To find the blue, just screen shot the thing and use the color picker tool) and change X to the color of your background. Once you get the address, scrap the exe you've missed up and apply the change to that address in your new exe.

Perhaps there is some thread that already points out the address, but I assume you've already done your search.
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Hahaha .. Simply U Cant .... But To Load Faster .. U Can First Close The Game While Slow Laoding (Loading Get Slow When U First Open The Game) Then Again Open The Game .. But This Time Loading Will Be Fast.. I usually Do That
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