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I Need Help For Simple AI Skills
Can you help me ?
I've tried to use the script in the AI, and I want to make my characters has an simple AI.
I have trouble when trying to use the script,
Such as :
if the target is about 100 from the front of the character, the character will issue a skill.
and if the target is about 50 from the front of the character, the character can only defend.
please help me, give an example of a script like that, please !!!
Thanks given by:
Can you clear the meaning of "from the front of the character"

If you want the target be at the sight of your AI
codes goes like:

if(target.x<self.x xor self.facing)

but my codes of my AI is nothing like this, cause this is kind of useless or less efficient~
hope you can get this problem understood from the above codes.
Thanks given by: AmadisLFE

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