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Luti's Portfolio
I like the one called "Craving Intimacy (+18)"

You have such a beautiful touch.

Also, whats up with the satanic goats?
[Image: eAyH2YZ.png]
Thanks given by: LutiChris
They're great. I love how many different techniques you incorporate but STILL keep kind of the same still throughout so if I saw it somewhere I'd be like "yeah, that's Ian"

You know? That's really cool. It shows you're exploring yourself and your craft to the farthest extremities which is amazing.

Thank you for sharing this to us. I cannot wait for you to grow into a master. I hope by that time you won't need to share it here and we'll be hearing about you from people in the streets, on the media, internet, history books, galleries, etc.
Thanks given by: LutiChris , Bamboori

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