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Hero Fighter Empire
Hello little fighters!

After a long HFE downtime, I'm proud to announce that HFE v2.0 forums are up! The themes are still being worked on. The Mainsite has yet to be rebuilt. However, we will be constantly improving HFE, and we hope that we can make it better than ever!

If any more downtimes will come to LFE, I sure as hell will work the best that I can to make sure that HFE isn't the cause. If you still have some HF spirit left in you or solidarity towards HF, please register at HFE and report any bugs that you may find. If not, it's okay.

This will probably be the last time that I post anything HF-related here, so this is good bye. :)
Thank you all very much for the warm welcome and help with HF. I'm sure the face pics contest will not go to waste !

I'll still be around, viewing posts and chatting at IRC occasionally, but yeah, I don't think I've anything else to say here. I love LF2, but there is nothing I have to say about it that you would need to know. You have kept LF2 at the best.

Thank you all and long live LF2 & LFE & HF & HFE !
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Thanks given by: YinYin , Overlord Hunter , Conqueror
Thanks for all of your hard work:D
Visit here always :)

Credits to Prince_freeza for avatar
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